When China’s sales shrink why the Chinese market is not clear

you can’t think of selling products that sell well in North America and europe. They want to see products that have local characteristics and can’t be found in other countries.

in the future several years, may still have to pay the price for the year, Xinyi Heng spent nearly 3 billion 600 million yuan acquisition of Chinese domestic candy brand "golden monkey" decision is good.

last week, the largest chocolate confectionery manufacturer in North America announced its fourth quarter earnings. Earn less, net profit of only $117 million, equivalent to half of the same period last year, revenue growth is weak, only 3.2%, analysts estimate the difference before the target of $20 million.

from the regional market, China’s disappointing performance in the previous quarter, sales fell by 16.6% year on year. Good will be attributed to the overall downturn in the consumer market, but if coupled with poor sales channels, the next quarter they will face more problems.

in addition to the "small and big" taste of Kisses chocolate, completed the acquisition of a wholly-owned golden monkey in 2014 when they were considered to Nestle food giant mode of replication, hope that through the acquisition of local brands, increase brand layout and channel in Chinese control.

but they obviously underestimated the rapid development of the electricity supplier for the entire industry sales channels change.

Bain consulting released in mid 2016 "research report mentioned how to grasp the double speed of the way" in their research Chinese shoppers, 26 FMCG category, candy in high permeability, the electricity supplier channel sales growth is also slowing down the kind of.

this means that the circle of brands are faced with fierce competition, but in the electricity supplier channels may suffer delays. But from the acquisition process in the golden channel resources, is still concentrated in supermarkets and hypermarkets and other entities under the line. Coupled with the various types of domestic demand is not clear, good in China lost its appeal.

2013 China the desire to expand the market, good may not see what a good chance, we can only choose the golden monkey brand, but this reputation is the subject of serious aging. But if they appeared on the Chinese electricity supplier platform that Amoy brand who have concerns and vigilance, it may not be so now.

becheery, three squirrels, Ichiban shop on behalf of the leisure food market is becoming larger. Fengnianguojie, online shopping to the gift in the relatives and friends is more common than a box of chocolate.

"you can’t think of a product that will sell well in North America and europe. China’s consumer demand is becoming more and more complex, they want to see those with local characteristics, in other countries can not see the taste and specialty products." Berenberg analyst Fintan Ryan of the "South China Morning Post" analysis of problems such good. >

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