E commerce sites should do four things

with the network shopping user growth, the electronic commerce website is more and more, the electricity supplier website classification is more and more fine, how to bring new users, how to retain old customers, how to let the old users to bring new users, a lot of electricity supplier website target. Feihe66 today to talk about e-commerce sites should do what things in order to achieve the objectives of the


1, establish a good brand image

online shopping is difficult to see the kind, in general, is the text and pictures from the product, customer service, as well as user reviews to understand this product. Know how the user is to understand a product, then we have to do these things, the text of the product to be very detailed, true, product pictures to be fine, good service to allow users to praise. Do a good impression to the user, but also to their own website to establish a good service and products of good brand image, thereby winning the trust of consumers.

2, professional network customer service

just above the consumer online understanding of a product, including the introduction of customer service, customer service is very important to the success of a transaction or not. Network customer service is not only the introduction of this product, but also to understand the marketing skills, product expertise, good psychological quality, etc.. Feihe66 thinks that the network customer service through professional training, complete professional skills test to posts.

3, good after-sales service

no matter what kind of product, after a batch of production, there must be good and bad. Went to the hands of customers will have the products in question, this time the user will find the site. We need to provide a good after-sales service, can not be sold on the matter, so the next time he will not look for you to buy the product, it is impossible to introduce you to new customers. People are meat long, as long as you do a good job of after-sales service, some of the shortcomings of the product, often ignored by the user. Before dangdang.com and Jingdong have exposed customer service is not good, but they are processed in a timely manner, so that more or less will affect their brand image, the electronic commerce website customer service service is very important.

4, perfect logistics service

did some shopping online friends all know that sometimes product damage or receipt for a long time, because businesses and transportation companies are two different individuals, to the back is shirking responsibility, so that consumers can not find the responsible party, but also very depressed, virtually let users fear more shopping online. This website will not trust you. This is also the cause of this year, Alibaba and Jingdong have made huge sums of money to build their own logistics and transport system. Feihe66 believes that small e-commerce sites can not build their own logistics system, but you can sign a contract with the logistics company or related agreements to protect the rights and interests of users, but also to their image points.

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