Balance treasure stolen brush 30 minutes spent more than 60 thousand yuan

A Hua, an ordinary shop owner in Kaiping. One night, he is Alipay and the balance of treasure 60 thousand yuan within 30 minutes of being fraudulent spending away.

after a long time to wait a week later, A Hua still did not wait until the official Alipay promised to give the reply, the response from the past "today will give a reply," to become "wait until tomorrow", "wait for the final answer"…… A Hua anxious, because the stolen brush 60 thousand yuan, he need hard business shop for more than a year to earn back. Yesterday, the anxiety of A Hua told reporters he Alipay and the balance of treasure account stolen brush did not recover the painful experience.

: that night terrors receive SMS account stolen

filed his own loss of more than 60 thousand yuan, A Hua told reporters that the sad night things happen.

December 11th 23 PM, a tired day he washed and ready to go to bed, I did not expect to hear a message to the mobile phone voice, so he picked up the mobile phone to check the information, this look scared him to sleep: mobile phone SMS tips, he bundled with Alipay mobile phone account number has been changed.

realize that things A Hua immediately re open the computer, Alipay immediately login to view account information, but that something good! When A Hua saw his Alipay account information when his head are ignorant: in just half an hour, his Alipay unexpectedly happened more than ten transactions, the transaction amount is as high as 60 thousand multiple.


account has been stolen! In desperation, A Hua found that Alipay has 3900 yuan, so he tried to login account on Taobao, hope that through the purchase of goods, to spend some of this money, reduce the loss, but did not expect to have been unable to enter the payment password.

in desperation, A Hua had to call the Alipay customer service requirements, freeze your account.

but two minutes later, A Hua once again log in Alipay, but found that the original 3900 yuan money only 600 yuan.

A Hua said that the loss of more than 63 thousand yuan, of which there are more than 60 thousand yuan in the presence of his balance treasure, but finally only $0.4.

question: how is 63 thousand yuan consumed?

Alipay consumer

according to the information provided by A Hua, the reporter noted that the ten pen consumption, mainly in the time of 11 day 23 PM to 23:35, the minimum amount of 2000 yuan, the highest 5010 yuan, the transaction occurred in a game trading site, is targeting a Zhejiang science and Technology Co. Ltd. "yang".

on the balance of treasure 60 thousand yuan, Alipay 3000 yuan, what is stolen by criminals? A Hua said, he runs a shop, mainly selling clothes and shoes, because often to purchase Taobao, Alipay on his long-term will store thousands of yuan. Before >

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