Forbes do you have a good idea to start a business

near the end of 2005, the sales staff in the UK as a Southampton software company Neil Moodley thought he thinks can really make money, it is to create a financial website, for publishing executives list and public financial information, at the same time introduce various enterprises and business they are engaged in.

, 36, said: "at that time, we tried to find the intention to buy our software business, but progress has not been smooth Moodley." He believes that if the targeted information than Bloomberg provided by this website (Bloomberg) and Schwab management in most cases free website more, then the other sales agency might be willing to pay $30 a month to solicit new business through his website.

although the idea is good, but the timing is not right. About 4 months later, Google has invested $2500 on the website prototype and spent hundreds of hours in the Moodley to find Google has launched its own financial website. Moodley said: "this site does look like my website. When I opened the site and found that it was completely free of charge, and I also plan to collect the same information, I feel more and more heavy."

Moodley School of business (Harvard Business School) Professor of business management Toby Stuart said, made a common mistake. He reminds people who want to start a business not to overestimate their creativity". In other words, if you can think of this, then others may have thought of it.

we have encountered such a situation: when we drink coffee in the morning, read financial news, or work during the day when God will change the world, a new invention or new service idea suddenly flashed my mind. However, when you are busy clearing up the balance of their own deposits and friends and relatives to raise venture capital, you might want to look back and think about whether your "good idea" can really turn into a profitable business?

The first question is:

you should consider whether the value proposition of my attractive? This problem seems simple, but it is worth contemplating: only have a obviously and compelling value proposition, the brilliant ideas will be a good business philosophy. This means that there are enough people willing to buy your product or service at a price higher than the cost.

you don’t have to make a 90 page business plan to explain your values. In fact, you should be able to express it in a few words. If you don’t even know why people choose your product, let alone your client.

the next question is whether the product or service you have broad market? Professional investors do not jostle to no >

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