Clever use of the long tail theory and the 28 law grassroots entrepreneurs to build a landmark life

"long tail theory" and "28 law" we are not unfamiliar, it is generally believed that the "long tail theory" is a complete denial of the "28 law". In fact, the "long tail theory" should be said to be the "28 law" to complement the perfect and deepen.


long tail theory model (network picture)

and, for the "long tail theory" and "28 law", more studies focus on its commercial use. In fact, in the "pioneering know more difficult" has fallen into "the city people want to come out, who want to go outside the city" dilemma of small and medium enterprises, if you can master the use of looking like from a strategic height contradictory "long tail theory" and "28 law", will greatly promote the development of our cause.

believes that the "28 laws" in human social life details in a multitude of things, with the most important part of our core value accounted for only about 20%, but the 20% part but we need most of the energy concentrated attention because it can bring 80% of the target harvest. This is the main contradiction in the Chinese philosophical terminology.

said, "the long tail" with the human society increasingly close contact, especially the popularity of the Internet, "the text to the distant talk" (high-speed information circulation) to become a reality, the storage of goods circulation costs fell sharply, the demand is very low before seemingly "chicken ribs" products is no longer profitable, can discard "chicken ribs". The cumulative, many "long tail products" not only products with the mainstream market share in profits, even better. Therefore, in today’s "global village" in the past can easily give up any "chicken ribs" products can not be ignored.

The essence of the theory of

"long tail theory" is: any one must now put 80% attention, big hits were summon wind and call for rain has left the big upset, and in the future will gradually become "chicken ribs" winner – the most obvious example is the Google China could call rain, but now with great China from the market.


28 phenomenon of life (source network)

from the height of life, the "long tail theory" and "28 law" must be attached great importance to. Many of today’s "military and political leaders, with the rise of Ning will" ambition "before the grass" has been confirmed by the "long tail theory", it is with "despite the weak water three thousand, I just take a cup" spirit, these "old dirty insufficient boast" "grassroots" is carefully selected by the industry as "chicken ribs" big tendril who ignore the "popular long tail potential, to fight for the moon," horseshoe Chunfengdeyi disease, one day see Changan flower: the best example is the rise in Baidu.

this is "as long as the positioning is accurate in any competitive industry,"

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