How to open a good speed through Taobao through train

sellers are concerned about how to open a good train, following the aliexpress users once with 20 days or so, by train, to a new order to try for 389 single, sold 431 bags.

more and more sellers opened the train promotion, but many people are complaining about the train, the effect is very good, there are a lot of aliexpress sellers are in the burn. I do not know whether we consider, why people drive that make money while they burn so? There are many reasons, but most of them are out before the open train.

prepare article

to do the purpose of the train is to bring potential buyers shop, there is an intent but can not guarantee that the transaction will be buyers. In this process, the store strength is particularly important. No matter how much money is spent on the train, if the store strength enough, it is difficult to have a deal.

shop skills in many aspects, I am here only for train promotion, promotion of baby should have what conditions.

When buyers sell buy clothes at

speed, will consider the following factors: brand, price, style, color, fabric, workmanship, upper body effect, customer service, but also to see the comment on other people, including the service in this shop. In the customer orders according to the primary and secondary factors, can be sorted into: 1 seasons without clothes; 2 other clothing collocation; collocation of 3 other bags and shoes; 4 because it is cheap to buy; 5 impulse buying etc..

according to statistics, the average person will use their own 10% of the income to buy clothes, because the need to buy is the most important factor. If it is not suitable for their own or like the style, then do not buy cheap. The price is not the main factor, most people will not buy their own clothes because of the price is not cheap.

so we have to give the customer hinted that the three main concepts: 1 you need this dress; 2 of this clothing value; what is suitable for clothes with 3. Do not fall into the low price and low price, once the way to go, almost from the dead.

we are in order to encourage buyers to solve the following problems: 1 whether the baby description buyers concerned about 11? 2 has no sales, there is no praise? Will reflect the buyers may concern in the evaluation of 3? 4 baby would let buyers think that value is very marked, need not buy regret? 5 can not let buyers without hesitation directly without thinking the urge to buy


baby description page, is actually doing one thing — to the baby to others explain how the value of every point zoom into a face, let people have the impulse to buy.

is this enough? Not enough, because the customer what to believe these descriptions? If we do the work, the customer is not traded, there is only one reason is that customers do not trust us. When our store brand is not loud enough, we are not strong enough, then we have to do

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