ZPS how e commerce companies to establish effective customer communication mechanism

here to clear the two concepts, establish effective communication mechanism inside the customer effectively refers to quickly and accurately resolve customer questions, including a number of customers here to purchase the company’s products, loyal customers who have bought the company’s products to customers, customer purchase intention, know the company products to customers. This article mainly for e-commerce companies.

the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional customer communication mechanism, the company and the customer on the market in the way of communication by telephone, e-mail, instant messaging tools, blog, etc..

advantages: phone, instant messaging tools can be very fast and effectively resolve customer questions, to give customers the feeling as if in face-to-face communication, have a sense of trust; e-mail, blogs can easily convey the latest product information, the company’s latest information to customers.

disadvantages: telephone, instant messaging tools can only communicate on the single, once the face of a large number of customers, the workload will be increased dramatically, the time cost is very high; the content of communications has not kept to reproduce the characteristics of different customers face the same question need to communicate, increase the cost of communication with customers to repeat; single exchange, easy for customers have a feeling of isolation, to establish mutual trust time; most companies use mail and blog to the customer message is some product information, most of the customers are not willing to see these contents, lead to more and play the role of the two mode of communication is small.

ZAPPOS as a pure e-commerce company, as the company’s core competitiveness, it is not reflected in the product price, but in the service. ZAPPOS is a highly respected service company, in the communication with the customer to do a pre exploration, his case was compiled into the Harvard University teaching materials to students. ZAPPOS mainly communicate with customers on TWITTER, ILEE according to the characteristics of the company and customer communication are summarized.

1 requires all employees to use twitter.

2, all new employees of the company to carry out a deep corporate culture training, to ensure that employees do not publish on the twitter unfavorable content of the company

3, published by the staff with personal content based product information. What one sees and hears, for at least a portion of the

4, requiring employees to communicate with customers to show their personality

5, the customer asked the product when he did not need to recommend other similar products

why to do so, ZAPPOS President Xie Jiahua has a paragraph is worth exploring. "No one wants to establish a relationship with a company or an organization. People want to know the people who work for the company, the people behind the company, and build relationships with them. Social media, such as blogs or Twitter, can help customers understand the people inside the company, so that they can see the real, real and personality…… So >