Answer Google Adsense remittance and issue

Google Adsense of the Western Union payment has been prepared for a long time, but there are a lot of lack or in related support, so the publisher will have many questions, here are the most popular description of the problem. However, this information will be updated according to the adjustment of Google Adsense.

cost problem.

Western Union remittance is to pay the beneficiary in accept money when you don’t need to pay fees. All relevant expenses are the costs of Exchange Square, Google Adsense and DHL express remittance costs security charges, net income directly from the publisher.

enterprise account.

remittance mainly for personal services, Google Adsense does not support the remittance business account, choose enterprise accounts only ordinary mail and express security.

payment limit.

remittance payment amount is $10 thousand, more than $ten thousand can not use Western Union, and Google Adsense won’t help the publisher split income paid in installments. In addition, more than $10 thousand in revenue from now on need to go through more formalities, such as foreign exchange earnings reporting and sources of evidence, which is related to the country’s foreign exchange control.

PIN code.

Western Union does not affect the process of PIN, PIN is used to confirm the identity of the user, not the payment link. Even in the use of electronic transfer of the United States, but also the need for PIN code, as well as the newly registered publishers in the income of $50 still need PIN code and telephone confirmation.

management network.

a post office and the agricultural bank can apply for a Western Union remittance receiving, you can consult the Agricultural Bank and the post office near you. At the same time because the remittance to foreign business, usually do not apply for the weekend.

collection city.

Western Union City without restrictions, the publisher can charge from Google Adsense remittance in any city, the need to provide identity cards and related payment information Google Adsense.

collection notice.

is currently not receiving the notification of the remittance, Google Adsense display payment status " payment; " second days after the publisher can hold a valid identity certificate and Google Adsense payment information to the nearest remittance outlets for payment.

currency form.

Google Adsense by Western Union payment is $income, so we in the Western Union is from US dollars in cash, released in the process of time can take the spot dollars in cash or change into people.