Shopex Wang launched the 2 generation of distribution products to solve the electricity supplier of

It is reported that

, the country’s largest e-commerce software and services provider Shanghai business school network science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as ShopEx) its distribution king, will be held on October 18, 2011, officially launched the new "2 generation distribution king". It is understood that this is the king of distribution in ShopEx10 business solutions on the basis of the experience, based on the world’s leading cloud security system, based on dynamic analysis of 1 million enterprise customers according to the data of the development of products, it will be one by the advent of "intelligent management", "speed distribution" and "personalized service" etc. many technical characteristics. Because the 1 generation distribution king for 238 technical reconstruction based on the electricity supplier in the face of "electronic commerce burn" problem provides the most direct solution.

according to the distribution of the king responsible person, the king of the launch of the distribution distribution King 2 generation products including small and medium-sized enterprise edition, enterprise edition, enterprise edition three versions, support from the virtual host, independent host to cloud hosting, double room sharing bandwidth to many independent bandwidth service. To meet the different needs of the users of different scale and different industries.

intelligent management to defend the distribution software first brand

distribution Wang launched the 2 generation of new products highlighted its consistent persistence of "management success" concept. With strong commodity management, bulk orders, wholesale management (9 super function), order management (efficiency 30 times) and intelligent promotion (limited discount, Juhuasuan, reward), pre deposit (rapid return of capital) as the core, and scratch, a variety of payment logistics and cloud security mechanism so, effective set a number of functions, will provide a full range of support services for the enterprise distribution network.

I understand that 2 new products specifically for Taobao, Alipay, caifutong users to develop new products, to support Alipay, Taobao login trust and caifutong users. In addition, the use of Alipay, Taobao and caifutong account login, distribution King orders to buy, can share the user delivery address and other relevant information, 3 seconds fast to complete the payment, payment rate is higher than that in the past 30% – 60%.

speed distribution completely solve the problem of enterprise promotion

distribution by virtue of its many years of experience to understand, there are two problems in network distributors, that is, the specific operation of the perfect distribution management system and the expansion of the channel model. In the light of the two problems of the network distributors, the distributor, on the one hand, provides strong support for the technology and resources of the network distribution. On the other hand, the distribution of the king enterprises Taobao distributors, suppliers can find high-quality distributors from Taobao million seller, the development of retail terminal, network sales channels quickly build, management and operation, unlimited expansion of channels.

personalized service to solve the problem from 0 to 1

distribution Wang found that different companies, different industries do not face the problem of network distribution