Online management innovation of e commerce industry to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

enterprise information management technology based on the Internet, to help small and medium enterprises to greatly reduce the cost of management, improve management efficiency, so that the crisis can help enterprises to strengthen management". With the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises and Kingdee Youshang service center of Zhuhai City, Zhuhai City, the entire e-commerce service platform, nearly 500 enterprises registered in Zhuhai city to become the platform of beneficiaries, through the corresponding government subsidies to enjoy online advanced management mode, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Chinese accounting computerization Specialized Committee director Yang Zhounan said, "to the accounting products as a starting point, a solid technology platform for supporting the Internet, online services business integration of various social elements for the development of the accounting industry will create a new spring". The traditional way of management has lagged behind, whether it is from the efficiency or cost, only the information to help SMEs out of the woods. After the adoption of online management mode, it is not only the explicit cost, but also improve the management efficiency.

recently in Zhuhai to discuss the fire may be a piece of "South lovers of the king boss, a huge advertising Youshang called you home.". Witty banter was implicit in the main role of youshang. This "account" for the accounting management of the company, instead of the usual life called revenge "afterwards". "The online management platform of Zhuhai city the entire e-commerce service platform as a service center for small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhuhai city and jointly build Kingdee youshang. This platform can provide online financial management, online Invoicing management, online customer relationship management, electronic stores and electronic commerce reconciliation function, order function, implementation of collaborative enterprise downstream. Investigation and analysis of the 12 key enterprises signed on the spot since two months through the daily processing of this platform can help companies achieve account, card, etc. the accounting and management of monthly and annual accounting analysis business, union purchase, sales and inventory and accounts payable management as a whole, give full play to the financial work the calculation, analysis and decision support functions, help enterprises to save costs and improve efficiency. It is worth mentioning that the platform integrates Youshang 60 10000 customer resources, realize the enterprise in supply chain coordination, help enterprises to seek business opportunities.

Zhuhai Xiangle pharmaceutical company Liu found that since the use of online management services, the management of the company was in to the fine, standardized management transformation. Internal business processes and organizational structure also changes, this change allows the company to improve the management of a grade, but also marks the company’s management is developing in a better direction.