Ali investment brings a rebound to the charm of Huineng continued downturn in the luxury goods busin

luxury have long not to be concerned, those years leading luxury electric providers of beach goers, dead, wounded, the transformation of the transformation,, catwalk, temple library is not in the luxury business itself, Luxuries network, Fifth Avenue also live in lejinkuyaodai, other defunct luxury the electricity supplier is more be too numerous to enumerate. For many years the luxury winter has let this industry into the bottom, now Ali investment can bring much glamour warmth.


luxury electricity supplier rich Ali existing business, international, sea Amoy environment need to strengthen

Ali wanted luxury market is not a day for two days, but after the luxury business attitude has been tepid, although also introduced by Tmall Burberry and other luxury brands, but there has been little overall investment in the luxury business, in addition to investment in the United States 1stdibs, rarely move in the domestic, hundreds of dollars of strategic investment glamour signaled the positive development of the luxury goods business. Ali’s attitude towards luxury electricity supplier may change due to changes in the market environment.

first, from the domestic business environment, Ali has been ranked the domestic electricity supplier boss position, the rest of the work is to check network gradually improve the category of market, and the luxury business has been a short board of Ali, now is the time in the aspects of strategic reinforcement;

second, luxury winter has lasted for many years, the transformation of many companies restructuring, layoffs, closure, can insist to come down only a few, industry bubble has basically been washed, enterprise valuation to a reasonable price, this time is a good opportunity to bargain hunting;

third, the global economic slowdown, China anti-corruption intensified, these macroeconomic factors lead to the global luxury goods industry are not stagnant, so cloud group selection will spearhead Ali, Ali accused of connivance and selling, to diversify the industry on the decline of attention, in this regard, as Ali listed must be done in luxury electric field;

fourth, now is the Ali globalization layout, and the luxury symbol of Western cultural pride, especially to conquer western society, we must do some articles in the luxury business, for their trust, protection and sales ability for luxury brands will affect other international brand impression of Ali, very helpful for overseas China;

fifth, domestic and overseas shopping market gradually mature, the sea Amoy family rise from the market demand, Ali also has the necessary attention to the development of luxury goods, luxury goods category has been the focus of overseas shopping, Ali need to quickly introduce more luxury brands, and by way of investment is a shortcut.

can not let Tmall too much weight, not as good as the direct acquisition of a new brand incubator

may be a lot of people have doubts, Ali rarely have to invest in the domestic electricity supplier move, why the investment will be selected >