Economics and website operation extension of external economic problems Wangzhuan

the so-called externality will be the impact of an economic unit’s activity on another economic unit. Whether production or consumption activities will have an impact on others. The positive influence, the beneficial influence, the positive influence is called the external economy; on the contrary, the negative influence, the negative influence, the harmful influence.

such a theory, not only very arcane and dull as ditch water, then, if this article or textbooks in accordance with the general theory of listing a large number of members are not interested to see it, then I will be above the theory of our webmaster can understand examples:

In the website operation standard example

external economy is creating a Google Google advertising model, master hung Google ad code, through the viewer clicks to get advertising revenue from Google, while visitors click on the ads after consumption, makes the advertising publishers benefit, and increase of Google Advertising thus, the advertising platform (website), advertising agency platform (Google), three in the realm of advertisers win.

In the example of

standard Wangzhuan external non economic or in accordance with the above case of extension, if there is such a group of people in the station, traffic is not great for their website, want to get rich quick Google Advertising is very difficult, but the use of flexible means to find Google Advertising fraud by use of loopholes, and click on the form of false English temptation station, advertisers are making a large number of false hits, which caused an invalid cost of commercial advertising increased, with the increase of these stationmaster income, more and more advertisers advertising effect, thereby reducing the supply of domestic advertising, Google advertising business because of a decrease and increase the release platform restrictions on advertising, even click Cancel reduce price, etc. in order to maintain the recommended project cost, reduce cheating.

external problems are economists concern has been for a long time, this problem was first proposed by a man named Sidgwick, whom Marshall later has been deleted, the system tells the problem (BI) is among the ancient. Since Pigou in 1920 as environmental pollution externality analysis problem, and some economists conducted a simple extension of the study, they will study the following contents according to the higher summary: at present the government not cheating phenomenon measures Wangzhuan, and Google can not completely control this phenomenon, so imagine if a webmaster the use of cheating on his website, so in public advertising, all direct income he was actually to lose due to cheating the advertising revenue losses, but the owners will not feel the loss, because the burden is a network community every webmaster share, this is he has been a great increase in economy to encourage repeated efforts to cheat, and friends around him even more like cheating impart knowledge, understand X Like open Wangzhuan training, take the day to earn $500 in new guise fudge.