From Taobao pat micro shop on line key move function

NetEase science and technology news, February 11th news, Tencent and Ali war, Taobao sellers lying gun. Because Taobao and WeChat each other links, Taobao sellers in the circle of friends do electricity supplier WeChat road was cut off. However, with the fast red was banned, but living conditions like drops of red envelopes, pat C2C platform rival Tencent, Jingdong’s buddy has to take the opportunity to hire Taobao sellers.

it is reported that pat micro shop emergency research and development of Taobao shop a move feature will be on the line before the spring festival. Taobao sellers only need to enter their own Taobao account, you can click on the Taobao store all the products moved to pat shop.

according to pat introduced, a key move feature does not set any threshold for all Taobao merchants. Sellers use "key move function, after the translation of commodity attribute and category, can share directly to the WeChat circle of friends for sale.

in the C2C field, alone big, as an important chip Jingdong challenge Ali, the pat Network can counter attack Taobao? WeChat will sit idly by? We’ll see. (Allen)