Buy the survival rate has been low innovation opportunities have emerged

group according to the relevant data of the 800 statistics show that China’s group purchase website in early 2013 only 943, compared with the peak of 5058, the survival rate of only 18.6%, China group purchase industry change radically is not in the United States are staged, relevant data from the current point of view, the relevant industry or group purchase steadily, but the key difference between the two is that our group purchase took a crazy copy way in the development of early, not out of the quality of service from the beginning, has now caused a Aihong group purchase website.

group survival rate of innovation behind the lack of innovation is the lack of

The survival rate of

group purchase why so low, this and our country Internet practitioners have a common phenomenon of plagiarism is very close, when there is a profit model, tends to attract numerous Internet companies to follow suit, resulting in the phenomenon of false prosperity in a very short time, but is only the last to have several group purchase the enterprise can survive, if coupled with the consumer group purchase huge hurt, so may the industry will be destroyed once, but fortunately, handle and beauty group struggling to let the group purchase website this kind of form did not become as trassient as a fleeting cloud flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

group purchase copy mode is difficult to succeed, the key lies in the pattern of interests caused by uneven distribution, and with the increase of group purchase website, the merchant market will be infinitely refined segmentation, each of the group purchase website quality businesses will be less and less, which will lead to consumers’ complaints about the group purchase website. If merchants selling goods to the defective products are, then not only complain but anger, so the group purchase website fine branch barrier, scale can be successful.

scale, no need to make an appointment to buy development opportunities

actually even now to describe the group purchase scale can also be sizeable, nearly a thousand group purchase website has many still exist in scale, a single commodity, even only exist group purchase ticket group purchase website, this is clearly going to be further eliminated the group purchase type, group purchase site is in the future comprehensive after the group purchase website mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, abundant types of goods, quality business team, plus a walk-in immediate consumption experience, is the direction of future development of the group purchase.

is now Taobao Juhuasuan and Tencent F group have begun to change this aspect, meituan and handle network is also in constant innovation, trying to find the group purchase website development opportunity, but in fact these large-scale group purchase website currently operating situation is still relatively optimistic, especially in 2012 gradually evolved the walk-in group purchase mode, greatly boosted consumer confidence, this business model can effectively eliminate the concerns of consumers to the quality of the goods.

is also no need to make an appointment, merchants and buy network can also increase their profit margins by increasing the amount of discount, from this point of view, there is no need to make an appointment to buy an innovative model