How to build a high credibility of online shopping mall

website on the Internet now have to count, every kind of website of earnings of the road also emerge in an endless stream, the webmaster should make money each one has his good points, accounting for 20%, the remaining 80% of the webmaster should belong to just keep spending, or lose money in business, of course, the website profit way too many to count, so can not elaborated I’ll tell you, I now operating on the way to make money online shopping Bo win a clear future direction of


a lot of people may look at the name of my site will know that this is an online mall, the first impression of the mind should be, the mall is certainly selling things to make money, what other profit model ah. In fact, the pattern of the mall to make money, of course, 95% are the use of sales of goods to make money, but how can you do a good job of selling the product out of it?.

improve the user’s credibility is the largest mall key, because online shopping is different from other C2C sites, such as Taobao what, after all there is a third party platform support, users buy things not worry about being cheated what, because you can receive the goods to confirm. Mall is different, belonging to an independent domain name. After all, others need to pay in advance, in the delivery, the user is more concerned about, in fact, to lift these concerns, and ultimately allow customers to believe you, or have some tips.

a, your baby is best to use pictures in kind, so that users feel that you really have these things.

B, then set up a message area, you can use the user message, which is equivalent to the evaluation of Taobao, allowing users to write a good feeling, in fact, is the customer witness.

C, the site has a significant position in the delivery list. Let others click on the bulletin board on the invoice number can directly reach the Express query page.

D, a prominent position is fixed or 400 phone, with 400 phone can let a person feel your company is very strong, not only mobile phone, mobile phone can give people a sense of security.

e, the site at the bottom of the company’s specific address, with the address gives the feeling is very easy to believe.

F, if you have the strength, and the best courier company signed a contract to support cash on delivery, the benefits, first, the credibility of the customer is not generally high, but completely believe. But to increase sales. Because many of you are interested in the products may be, but he did not open online banking, or not what Alipay, if you can cash on delivery, it is can increase the number of income.

g, as far as possible in other C2C sites have your other shops, people who do not believe that he went to your store photographed.

The above is my experience

this time of online shopping mall, if you are ready to open or open, consider my advice, because as long as confidence increased, money has become a natural thing.


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