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Hello, I am Chu. Did not write anything for a long time, a busy day today though a bit tired but still want to write some feelings, we want to talk under the customer service quality value today, such as the title I think the quality of customer service, is a corporate brand value of the essence of good and bad, the best show.

said that the essence of corporate brand is just as important as a person’s soul. No essence of corporate brand will not be long, can not stand the test of the market can not stand the market reputation. As a man without a soul, how can he be recognized and remembered.

recently in the ice butterfly team team Taobao shop operators training and guidance, because the gold access system in virtual software industry, from the user experience, to refund, to have favorable rate conditions. Prepared for a wide range of virtual industry before the consolidation, so that the industry has become more standardized. Put an end to the existence of the seller after the confiscation of the service, to reduce the negative information on the industry, to reduce the operator’s complaints, reduce the occurrence of false advertising fraud.

station in Taobao’s point of view, the virtual industry customer service quality of service has been elevated to a new height, so that all Taobao dispensers have paid attention to customer service service sectors, in the virtual software sales in the industry nearly more than 30 thousand software sales manager, this is a demanding rectification, which is a new opportunity. The amount of user practitioners 30 thousand compression to about 1600 gold medals to implement access system, the quality of service in place of intangible power have been affirmed and recommended dispensers. Let all no service customer service scattered a disguised form of repaying the shopkeeper. Many friends may be cancelled in the return of sales qualification, but this is the only way which must be passed the benign operation of the industry.

from Taobao for an industry consolidation perspective, Taobao is not only from the user experience point of view, standing in the vital interests of the users of real let users get the service guarantee business services. The laid-off manager in order to get access to qualified future Taobao operators will pay more attention to the user’s maintenance and service quality customer service. This will also make the entire virtual Taobao virtual sales industry norms and consumer recognition.

Although many

software operators and shop manager had a high opinion of the rectification, because before the launch of Taobao’s own recharge platform, give people the feeling seems to be to suppress the behavior of peer software industry monopoly. Although a variety of opinion all around us, many people should take control of global macro, whether in the Taobao monopoly strike behavior, I think this is not ordinary users to think, this should be the 20 operating businesses think about recharge software. Only they have the ability and qualifications to ask for their legal existence.

Standing in front of

, the quality of after-sales service is the best display of the brand value of the enterprise, do some simple exposition. Here’s how to communicate with several software vendors recently. Because the ice butterfly team has been doing business training in recent years, Taobao, contact a very

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