B2C mode is gradually become the new favorite online shopping appliance manufacturers favor

landing site or call to buy direct marketing has become a popular home appliance manufacturers selling gimmick.

by the shareholders of B2C (business to consumer e-commerce model, mainly with the network retail mode) the rise of the East, many network channels have the excuse, to expand its influence. In the electrical network, the Jingdong, the new mall seven days on the B2C website has risen. Insiders optimistic forecasts, the next two years the domestic online shopping market will meet as equals with the home appliance chain become the mainstream channels, sales of home appliances.

B2C mode favored by manufacturers

after nearly two years of development, home appliance enterprises in the construction of network channels and more forms.

Information Times reporter noted that the current domestic enterprises in the network to buy more and more activities on the marketing planning, and the competition of domestic household electrical appliance enterprises from the original traditional stores extended to the network channels. For example, SKYWORTH recently launched the SKYWORTH LED TV’s group purchase activities, organization of consumers with network, telephone and other forms of registration according to a preferential price centralized procurement, aimed at other LED TV production enterprises. Tit for tat, Hisense and other companies have introduced the corresponding network promotion in multiple network channels, hit the "integrity-based not unrealistically high price" slogan.

in addition to the activities of the various network marketing, the appliance manufacturers on the special network of large household appliances network also invariably invested more resources. For example, according to the largest home appliances online mall seven days new appliances direct sales network, SKYWORTH, Hisense and other household electrical appliance enterprises have clearly played "the lowest price of the goods" brand policy.

and Gome Suning traditional channel hypermarkets, its online shopping mall in the beginning of this year to accelerate the development of. Gome online mall has opened 43 stations including Hongkong, "a new generation of Suning online mall suning.com on August 18th officially launched operations, sales reportedly" considerable".

emerging channels is a huge space incremental market, since consumers have this shopping choice, then manufacturers, businesses open up online shopping channels are understandable." A color TV manufacturers responsible for network sales, told reporters.

network channels take the opportunity to develop

A research report released the day before the show

Guotai Junan, the current national household appliances online mall has more than 1000, the 2008 national household appliances online shopping sales of about 20 billion yuan, and this year is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan. In the home appliance enterprises will be betting in the eyes of the network sales opportunities, a number of network channels to make full use of their rich marketing form, the opportunity to have a rapid development.

The new

seven day electrical net sales executive vice president Hang Min said: "in December 1st, SKYWORTH and the new seven day joint promotion of the lowest activity in early December, we will achieve a single brand sales of about two million, this ability to create profits for manufacturers.

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