Tencent Department buy release integrated signal

Tencent’s concern about the integration of the group to buy a new progress. The reporter learned yesterday, Gaopeng (micro-blog) CEO Yang Chengjian has left, this is also the industry as "signal Tencent" began the integration of group purchase. Coincidentally, F group also revealed yesterday, till KTV and Macao doulao project will be in the F group and high friend net line. F group and high friend net are from the Internet giant Tencent investment group purchase website.

yesterday, Gaopeng relevant responsible person confirmed to reporters, took only 5 months CEO Yang Chengjian has left for personal reasons. At present, the vice president of the high gorge Gaopeng has to preside over the affairs of the company. Set up in February last year Gaopeng vacancies in CEO after 8 months, hired Yang Chengjian as its first CEO. Yang Chengjian has a wealth of experience in the field of investment and entrepreneurship, while the U.S. market is also quite understand.

it is worth noting that the board of directors Gaopeng said in reply, "Gaopeng are exploring the depth of cooperation with F group, QQ group, the goal is to build a new and more powerful group purchase platform". This is consistent with the previous statement F group CEO Lin ning. In the industry view, Yang Chengjian’s resignation may be Tencent system multi discussion results.

said above, F group and QQ group purchase, Gaopeng integration with group purchase industry trends. "Sales and market feedback of these two projects, it is likely to affect the next integration plan of F group and high friend net." Analysts believe that, after rapid development, the domestic group buying industry has returned to rational, into the integration period.

              F group, Gaopeng officially launched cooperation will gradually open up the product line:

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