Hao123 launched discount channel to play free card welcome high quality businesses stationed


recently, Baidu’s hao123 low-key on-line discount channel by gather many well-known B2C business platform boutique discount merchandise and event information, discount shopping one-stop service for users, " will provide for the majority of businesses; 0 of the cost of " in the model, not only provides a numerous high viscosity and high quality user flow of marketing channel, but also has a new brand exposure and promotion platform. In the increasingly fierce competition in the business environment, free hao123 strategy for the industry by accident at the same time, it will also attract more commercial enterprises stationed, and then create a new boutique discount shopping guide platform and information distribution.

it is understood, hao123 analysis of Baidu and its user behavior statistics and launched a discount channel based on the vertical guide platform located in the boutique discount information for the user, polymerization of major shopping sites and boutique discount promotions, let users only need a platform that can master the quality discount information of the latest and most complete that eliminates the number of e-commerce sites between the discount removed looking cumbersome. In this regard, Baidu relevant responsible person said that with the expansion of the scale of consumer online shopping, online shopping consumers become more and more popular, the number of B2C shopping website is increasing, users get the goods information at multiple sites between the time cost and effort is also more and more high, Baidu launched hao123 discount channel in the diagnostic of user behavior and intention, is is to meet the user in the search for a strong demand for quality discount goods and the activities of the.

as a functional upgrade from the consumer experience, hao123 discount channel will become the first choice of the user’s trust shopping platform. In order to ensure the quality of the goods and services recommended to avoid consumers encounter fake fraud, Baidu conducted a rigorous review of the business cooperation and layers of checks. At present, the discount channel has featured many boutique discount information for the user, station merchandise discount lowest to 90 percent off, 80% of the goods concentrated in less than 50 percent off, provides exclusive coupons of merchants also for hao123 users. According to reports, hao123 discount channel will continue to increase the number of goods, improve the classification, and add search capabilities for users.

earlier media reports, the electricity supplier industry is one of the largest increase in the amount of advertising in recent years, one of the industry. Industry competition forced the electricity supplier industry companies have continued to increase the cost of marketing, but face repeatedly enhance media price, let the majority of the electricity supplier, stretched in a dilemma. Hao123 as a leading brand in the domestic navigation station, but act in a diametrically opposite way, fully open platform to the B2C business enterprise, free sharing, high quality and high viscosity user flow of brand equity, has brought great vitality and opportunities for the business enterprise, for users and businesses, is a win-win initiative. From the point of view of the industry, with hundreds of millions of users of Baidu hao123 coverage and influence, Baidu move will greatly promote the popularity of China’s online shopping process, so that more and more Internet users

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