Amazon is increasing but the fake or impossible to guard against the crackdown

lead: Bloomberg recently wrote that, due to the rampant fakes, affect the consumer experience and brand settled intention, Amazon also began to pay attention to the problem of fake, and "fake" as one of the important targets in 2017.

below is the full text of the article:

Randy · Haitelike (Randy Hetrick) first noticed on Amazon in 2013 is fake. Since 2008, he has been on his website to sell the TRX suspension training belt. When he found a cheap imitation, he asked his staff to collect more information on amazon. After submitting a complaint to the Amazon, it entered a long wait. But the new fakes will come out soon, "by 2014," we realized it was an epidemic." Haitelike said he estimated annual fake caused him the loss of up to $100 million, up to two times his annual.

TRX suspension training belt

Amazon market Haitelike this invention can make docking hundreds of millions of consumers, but it does not have to spend huge amounts of money from the construction and promotion of their own site. Each merchant’s sales have to pay commission to the amazon. But Amazon sellers will attract a lot of copycats, they compete for sales and genuine cheap materials, and constitutes a harm to the brand, but do not have to assume too much responsibility.

informed sources said that Amazon has also been aware of the seriousness of this problem, but the company for many years, the trend of the increasingly popular fakes remain silent. This makes the manufacturers and brand owners are puzzled, they need to take that fake cost and responsibility, but also to the Amazon report, expect the company to take measures. This has caused a lot of media attention.

now, the world’s largest online retailers began to attach importance to the problem of fakes. Informed sources said that the company has been listed as an important goal of combating counterfeiting, and in Europe and the United States to set up a special team, with major brands to combat fake products in cooperation with the. Informed sources said that due to the lack of control on Amazon fake, led to its earlier this year with Major League Baseball (MLB) and the American Football League (NFL) of the licensed product sales negotiations stalled.

Amazon for the sale of counterfeit goods on our website zero tolerance attitude." Amazon said in a statement. The company said it would "actively pursue lawbreakers"". MLB also said: we have the responsibility to provide a reliable and secure market for fans to facilitate their purchase of official licensed merchandise. Taking into account the rapid increase in online retailers selling fakes, our policy must require all distribution partners to make the same commitment." NFL declined to comment.

informed sources said that Amazon’s new team will encourage the brand to register on its website – even including those who do not sell goods through Amazon brand. Once registered, Amazon

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