Why mainstream electricity providers are beginning to play clothing strategy

electricity supplier war smoke just past, originally thought to be able to pause for a while. But with Taobao, dangdang.com, Jingdong and other e-commerce sites have opened a clothing war, the public electricity supplier recently launched a fashion T show and left enough conversation are transformation of public electricity supplier. And this one of the most people fall below the eyeball is originally to book the main camp Dangdang, due to a 2014 autumn and winter new conference has become the first transformation of the electricity business fashion show.

September 11th, dangdang.com announced a new plan in the 911 clothing fashion show, one of the most eye-catching is the expansion of fashion editors and buyers team team, to establish the depth of cooperation with the Fashion Designers Association, create independent design support platform; innovative wireless fashion shopping experience, the new three wireless terminal products are. Clothing is the core category Dangdang open platform, in recent years the vertical roots supply chain, has built the industry’s most complete transaction chain, new sales and flash purchase, tail goods exchange, the new open platform +C2B independent designer brands, the mobile terminal into the topic of this kind of shopping light products, customer experience the improvement can be expected.

except dangdang.com, like Tmall, vip.com and other Jingdong, also have the force of fashion strategy, trying to get a share in the clothing market. In contrast, although Dangdang claimed that only 600 billion in the market to win the 60 billion, but its ambitions can be seen, mainly in the performance of its horizontal, vertical development. Popular speaking, if dangdang.com compared to a three-dimensional "box", now dangdang.com fashion strategy to carry out carton spread, let users contact carton depth of the internal level.

coincidentally, almost at the same time, VANCL also held a press conference, the head of the old spent 69 minutes to introduce a shirt after the story, the industry of this shirt style, experience, production, inventory curiosity was sharply up, "running the shirt", "let a thousand dollars shirt LOW burst. Attached to this shirt except in the" millet strategy ", and one year old dormant ambition and the return of the king. Behind this series of business action, we can not help but exclaim "why electricity providers are beginning to play clothing strategy".

clothing is the largest electricity supplier category

Chinese Garment Association data show that in 2013 Chinese clothing online shopping transactions reached 434 billion 900 million yuan, compared with 2012 growth of 42.8%, accounting for 23.1% of the China online shopping market, has become one of the important ways Chinese clothing consumption. 2014 China online shopping market continues to maintain a relatively high growth rate, the overall size of 2014 is expected China clothing online shopping market will reach 615 billion 300 million yuan, compared with 2013 growth of 41.5%, accounting for 22.1% of the online shopping market scale Chinese.

is not difficult to see that the clothing products are the largest category of online shopping, there is a huge space for development and potential, said once the rhetoric by dangdang.com, occupy 600 billion of the share market, can be said that the clothing is to guide the whole.

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