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to achieve the transaction was Alibaba, Jingdong and other electricity supplier companies to pursue goals, but today we find more and more companies want to be able to cut into this link.


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U.S. group, public comment and other service business of enterprises, in the implementation of trade, to create a closed loop has been on the road farther; information retrieval has been the core business of Baidu also declared that the future will invest 20 billion yuan in the rice business, connecting people and services between transactions, the implementation of support O2O the ecological strategy, which is almost equivalent to the current Baidu Book funds 40%; although the Tencent business was sold to the Jingdong, but it has become the important shareholder, and public comment, a taxi drops, 58 city and other force potential layout WeChat trading ecosystem; in addition, there are a lot of information portal and vertical community are hoping to further cut to the trading process, such as classified information platform 58 city and Ganji in the field of automobile, easy car and car home, Soufangwang, Sina Locke in the field of real estate And so on; and for the purpose of trading Alibaba and Jingdong and other electricity supplier companies are constantly extending the boundaries of the transaction, cut into more and more categories of transactions.

in the last 20 years of development, the Internet successfully let information flow freely up, breaking the barriers of information, narrowing the digital divide, it is mainly through the connection between people and information search and portal based, and based on the connection between instant messaging and social network of people to achieve in these areas, there have been many successful companies. Although by connecting people and businesses (Alibaba platform model), people and goods (Jingdong proprietary model) in the transaction level also created a lot of value, but compared to the huge market is only touched the tip of the iceberg. The focus of the future development of the Internet is moving from the information level to the transaction level, the ability to effectively connect people and transactions, to create a perfect trading ecosystem will determine the location of the enterprise in the future Internet pattern.

in the past 10 years, Alibaba, Jingdong and other physical electricity providers successfully realized the network transaction 3C, books, clothing, cosmetics and other standard and relative standard, the U.S. group and other service providers touched a small part of the service life of the market. With the acceleration of Internet penetration, more and more areas show a huge potential transaction, which involves the car, real estate and other almost no electricity supplier category, including fresh, day 100 and other business degree is not high and the electricity supplier is being redefined category, also has a huge market opportunity for electricity providers such as food and entertainment etc. the field of service. Compared with what we can do things in the future, today the Alibaba, Jingdong, the United States mission implementation is just a drop in the bucket. In the process of e-commerce development in the past 20 years, we can clearly see the different categories of transactions between there is a strong correlation, or cross selling between category and category, or high frequency goods led to mid low commodity. When more and more categories are electricity supplier, and those who can do cross selling enough

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