On the first step the transformation of Tmall video shopping

according to the public relations department of Tmall news, Tmall mall will be officially launched in March 6th will be the first online video shopping function, in the brand sale channel. For video shopping, may be a lot of senior online shopping for people, is still a completely new term. In fact, there have been in the electricity business in the video shopping model, but the only way to display the time, there is no direct communication between the video and the user.

and the Tmall mall "comeback", whether the "winner"? According to Tmall’s explanation, is different from the previous "video shopping" mode, the introduction of the function of dynamic image recognition technology based on the video content items can identify elements, these elements will be directly related to the link through the mall for the sale of goods, the left mouse button will be China unicom. As a people full of curiosity, the shopping experience, the Tmall shopping mall video is undoubtedly a leap breakthrough, but based on the traditional mode of shopping behavior, whether it will be able to open your mind? I think not.

Tmall: risk aware

electricity supplier platform for the start of the Alibaba group, to integrate into the business store video features, is bound to increase the burden on the platform. The domestic well-known experts China Nobel station network nuo.cn analysis, the sale of electricity supplier industry, is the size of the promotion throughout the year many, such as the end of last year, including "singles day", "double twenty", "Christmas", just over a month’s time it has experienced three wave a huge flow of promotional activities, the bearing capacity of the platform as a vital part. In the original "architecture for many years under the situation, in order to introduce new features and a large area of adjustment is not the best, the introduction of third party support or choice.

So Tmall is

after understanding the laws of the market saw made some changes:

1 peak execution. After the lunar new year, the electricity supplier shopping into the traditional low tide, traffic dropped significantly;

2 small scale promotion. Only in the on-line brand sale channel, both product quality assurance, also has low driving factors;

3 introduced potatoes. The so-called industry specializing in surgery, with text and static images based platform if adding video playback, the bearing behavior of efficiency is limited, so the introduction of video site industry partners, clear function division.

highlights change policy, seek

since the end of last year changed its name to "Tmall", "Taobao mall" of the original "transformation" controversy has not corpuscles. Even some of the changes in the management strategy of Alibaba speculation that this is only a big move before the release of a small signal.

simple literally, "Tmall" this name was more inclined to women, and is taking the urban white-collar petty line. Analysis of Taobao’s online shopping can be found, the city’s white-collar women in the seller has the highest comprehensive purchase >

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