nnovation and profit model to defend the B2B market position

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Chinese Internet Information Center released show that as of June 2010, China users reached 420 million, breaking the 400 million mark, an increase of 36 million compared to the end of 2009; Internet penetration rate rose to 31.8%, representing an annual increase of 2.9 percentage points. The size of the Internet users ranked first in the world, people are interested in electronic commerce in growing. China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that: as of the end of June 2010, the domestic large-scale e-commerce website total already amounted to 2.07, China’s e-commerce market transactions reached 2 trillion and 250 billion yuan in the first half of 2010.

in 2010, on the scale and function of our technology platform, B2B platform number and quality of service are achieved or even exceeded the level of developed countries, "the Wall Street journal" Asia this year’s top 200 most respected enterprises in the list of Alibaba, was named China’s most respected enterprises, visible e-commerce position in China the world. Many domestic platform has announced the start of earnings, small and medium enterprises to participate in the B2B electronic commerce degree is more and more obvious, Ai Rui also believes that the macroeconomic recovery, e-commerce penetration of SMEs, but also to the B2B e-commerce market revenue size to maintain the stability of the chief reason for the increase.

in fact, however, can not simply say that China’s e-commerce is no regrets. There are two sides of every thing, from the benign point of view, the trend of rapid growth of e-commerce in China is worthy of recognition, it reflects a country’s economic awareness and national awareness of participation. However, the B2B industry is still growing, there will be such a problem in this process, will face many difficulties, and these difficulties will not be resolved for a while. At present, for e-commerce, we must not only face the reality, but also solve the problem properly. Among them, the following two issues need to be paid attention to:

innovation and implementation of

2005, e-commerce Chinese entered a stage of stable development, the people have strong vision of the Internet, e-commerce is also active in the Internet thinking, but the initiative of enterprises has not been reflected. When Guangzhou Jusouwang general manager Dyson keenly felt the future direction of development of e-commerce business: business search. 07 years, under his leadership, e-commerce operations platform officially launched a hundred responses to a single call located in the service of small and medium sized enterprises. 5 years from now, Jusouwang from regional a hundred responses to a single call, website promotion to comprehensive interactive now B2B e-commerce platform; search engine from the humble to professional B2B business information of the earliest leading, established a hundred responses to a single call its rightful position in the market.

today’s achievements, Dyson said: "from when you first start to survival and development difficult, indeed a hundred responses to a single call brings a severe test, but we chose to adhere to, stick to my choice, insist on the future development trend of Electronic Commerce: only people stand a little higher, it may be more >

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