The spread of inferior goods Tmall Jingdong responsibility


distance of double 11 remaining 2 days. Once a year for business promotion section eager for a fight in the major electricity supplier platform on the eve of national quality inspection administration to them who poured cold water: not long ago, quality inspection administration sampling of 11 kinds of electric goods, results show that the failure rate of up to 17.3%. This means that every 6 pieces of electricity supplier products, there are not qualified in the quality of the 1.

It is reported that

, the quality inspection administration sampling including women’s underwear, casual clothing, bag back, bedding, electric cooker, electric 11 goods, focusing on a sample of B2C mode of business enterprise proprietary products. The spot checks to take the mysterious buyers from the electricity supplier platform to buy a sample, a sample of 535 companies produced 571 batches of products (not related to export products). After inspection, there are 439 enterprises to produce the product of the 472 batches of qualified, supervision and inspection pass rate of 82.7%; detection of substandard batches of substandard products, the detection rate of substandard products was 17.3%.

we can not help but ask: usually a high-profile crackdown on fake and shoddy major electricity supplier platform, why the failure rate of goods has always been high, substandard goods, electronic business platform in the end should bear what kind of responsibility?

audit businesses only, do not audit the commodity

Tmall, the Jingdong has become the hardest hit by the sampling. In substandard products sold by the platform reporter noted that Tmall accounted for the largest proportion, 99 batches of substandard products, which accounted for 66 batches of more than half; the second is the Jingdong mall, a total of 16 batches of substandard products; third is the No. 1 store, a total of 9 batches of substandard products.

NetEase science and technology to ask Ali stakeholders, the other said, for all Tmall businesses, their business qualifications, brand qualification must comply with the relevant requirements can be settled. At the same time, Tmall has renewed annually business rules, basic qualification and operation performance of all businesses, must meet the requirements to renew to continue operating on the platform.

for specific commodities, the platform itself will for goods are not regular "mysterious sampling", launched more than ten million times a year on average (editor’s note: considering many businesses, the coverage density of this total is not large); at the same time, Ali also met with the State Administration for Industry and commerce, General Administration of quality supervision, food and drug administration. A function of agencies to combat counterfeit.

Jingdong official disclosed to the science and technology NetEase, Jingdong will strictly review of business qualifications, including business license, account permits, food industry also needs to provide the food circulation permit; on the other hand, the Jingdong to business brand qualification strict examination, for example, a certificate of trademark registration, product inspection report.

In addition to

settled in the aspects of the audit standards, the Jingdong and platform businesses will sign the "responsible" Jingdong open platform seller integral management terms, if found merchants selling counterfeit goods, the Jingdong has the right to require businesses to return; at the same time using a large data set up quality control system, specifically, from the various dimensions of Jingdong product quality monitoring function of the risk of goods "

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