Net sales of food alleged hidden many traditional food companies called for strengthening supervisio

food in China’s online shopping market, the proportion of total turnover is rising, but there are many problems in the sale of food online." Yesterday, miss the food chairman Li Wei, Hua Ze Group Chairman Wu Xiangdong and other food companies head, with its own online shopping experience for example at net sales of food from production and distribution to the consumer are hidden, and called on relevant departments to strengthen supervision.

JINGWAH Times reporter Hu Xiaohong


hidden through the whole chain of production and marketing

Li Wei said that as the food enterprises responsible person, for the purpose of market research, he has repeatedly found that online shopping food, food safety net sales of food are far more than traditional sales channels, "there are security risks of these food vendors to sell all kinds of food, imported food or special homemade products mainly."

first, the existence of a large number of "three noes" products in the production process. At present in the food business platform sales of individual businesses, most of them are not engaged in the food industry to the production, circulation, health permits; a lot of homemade food mainly from family workshops and small food factory, most of them do not have the disinfection, quarantine and other health detection means, the operating conditions to achieve health, environmental protection departments will standard. Buried the food safety hazards from the source. For these problems, the sale of these food business platform basically do not interfere.


, there is a high risk of contamination in the circulation of the mixed distribution of food distribution. In China’s current social logistics system, has not set up a separate food logistics and distribution system, some of the packaging of simple food is mixed with other products distribution. This has led to a problem – even if the sale of food products from the formal channels of goods, but also can not guarantee the safety and reliability of products in the distribution process." Li Wei said.

finally, in the consumer segment, when the problem of online shopping food, many consumers are facing rights issues. A lot of small food stores have no physical store, did not obtain a business license and food circulation permit, but can not issue a formal invoice, so even if the consumer initiated complaints, it is difficult to find the seller.


online and offline standards are not uniform

with Jinliufu and other well-known brands of Hua Ze Group Chairman Wu Xiangdong yesterday to buy their own fake liquor in the online experience is not the return of the case said that at present the line of our country food trading service standards are not unified, connivance of the net sales of food chaos, the long term is not conducive to the development of China’s food industry.

"line regular food store will generally not consciously abide by the law, the sale of fake and shoddy food, even if it were, generally will compensate consumers in accordance with the law, and some online grocery business platform and do these. The same is the sale of food, online and offline, but the implementation of double standards, whether it is unfair to the line of business or for consumers." Wu Xiangdong said.


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