Group purchase website frequently staged at the end or burn the game bubble burst

buy data

March, Chengdu 15 samples of the site has exceeded the amount of transactions of 10 million yuan, a record high. At the end of March, the group purchase website of Chengdu substation and a certain size of a total of 123 Chengdu native group purchase website. 13 national group purchase website Chengdu sub station and 2 Chengdu local group purchase website in March launched a total of 481 group purchase activities, 239 thousand people to buy, a total of 10 million 494 thousand yuan in sales.

open language: the new economic era

when Baidu chairman Robin Li Chinese to become the mainland’s richest man with a net worth of $9 billion 400 million, a lot of people below the glasses. At his side or behind, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Zhang Zhaoyang, Cao Guowei and Liu Qiangdong had just entered the threshold of the rich Internet, Li Guoqing, with a new attitude in front of us, they represent a new economic era. Based on the Internet, the new era of economic prosperity with the wisdom and wisdom to lead the pace of economic progress. In the virtual world, all the wealth trends are intertwined, the new economy over the past 10 years has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to seize the opportunity. We are happy to see these Internet Co to show the power of business, they become more willing to see the founder of commercial miracle…… We also hope that the use of such a group of Internet companies to report to the creators of the new era of economic respect


the camera if you


at 1 at noon yesterday, Chengdu a bank employee Wang Li an hour, has visited Wanke group,, handle network, glutinous rice and other well-known Tencent group purchase group purchase website, but also not an order. It is time to go to work in the afternoon, the final rush to open the United States Mission network, Sina buy, mission treasure network swept a few eyes, shut down. Now engage in the site is too much to buy, I spent half an hour before they can buy their favorite things, and now, with an hour to see the site can not see." Wang Li complained……

capital market, this month, in the handle network to get $111 million venture capital, glutinous rice group, Renren, everyone get together to go to the United States listed game…… In the domestic group purchase website to burn advertising, continue to enter the two or three line of the city, which is just a new anniversary in the domestic e-commerce mode, whether it can withstand the test of time and market, was born out of a successful business and mature profit model? When venture capital of Carnival and the tide receded, how many the website is in "naked"



smoke rise, domestic buy network over 4000

beauty group, glutinous rice, handle net group purchase website continued hot,, Jingdong, Tencent, Sina mall, Baidu and other domestic Internet giants have begun to enter the strong group purchase market, and by virtue of its powerful tentacles of national resources rapidly. A group purchase website "originator" said the United States also launched Groupon Gaopeng in China, and in 6 days this month officially stationed in Chengdu.

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