Ministry of Commerce the first three quarters of the electricity supplier turnover ranked first in t

China securities news according to the website of the Ministry of Commerce on November 9th news, the first three quarters of this year, China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 11 trillion and 200 billion yuan, the network retail sales reached 2 trillion and 600 billion yuan, ranking first in the world.

in view of the problems encountered in the development, the Ministry of Commerce launched the "Internet plus circulation" action plan, focus on four aspects, one is the development to promote the integration of online and offline, in accordance with the general office of the State Council "on the promotion of online interactive business circulation accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the innovation and development of opinions", accelerate the traditional retail industry, wholesale, logistics, life services and business services to deepen Internet applications, to achieve the transformation and upgrading. Two is to accelerate the development of e-commerce into the countryside, into the community, into the small and medium-sized city, to support the country’s 256 counties to carry out e-commerce in rural comprehensive demonstration, smooth industrial countryside and agricultural city channel; promote e-commerce and logistics collaborative development, expand community service network consumption, the promotion of small and medium city of network consumer convenience. Three is the active development of cross-border e-commerce, accelerate the construction of e-commerce overseas marketing channels, and promote the construction of the 100 e-commerce overseas positions, help electricity supplier enterprises going out to expand overseas markets. The four is to optimize the development environment of e-commerce, e-commerce standards and regulations to carry out the fight against infringement and counterfeiting in the field of Internet special rectification, innovative management service model, optimize the development environment.

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