Cross border O2O platform Hello world was 30 million Pre A round of investment

23, China (Hangzhou) cross-border electricity supplier park business Hello World cross-border O2O electronic business platform announced the signing of cooperation projects with New Zealand, and favored by the capital, access to the 30 million round of Pre-A investment intentions. "Hello world" global duty-free shopping mall formally launched on August 2015, belonging to Hello World cross-border electricity supplier group, settled in cross-border electricity supplier park in October 2015.

it is understood that the Hello World cross-border business group was established in 2012, the main products include imported milk powder, baby food supplement, maternal supplies, health care products, services to cross-border B2B mainly responsible for getting goods from foreign brands, to supply domestic sales platform and part of the free trade zone. At present, the enterprise through the terminal stores and logistics and services of online and offline integration, has installed more than and 100 terminals in the country, and in some retail Huarun million line enterprise cross-border O2O "play".

day, from Hangzhou’s blue chip investment and "Hello world" signed a $30 million Pre-A round of financing agreements. With the improvement of people’s living standards, cross-border from the most basic milk powder, health care products to expand the demand for tourism, work, study and life in all aspects." Hello World Group Chairman Luo Bin said that the financing will be used for cross-border integration of resources to further provide and help more people to achieve cultural, spiritual needs of cross-border services.

at present, Hello World Group has opened B2C business platform "Hello world" and B2B distribution platform "free doctor" Hello World Group’s international education brand Gabriel successful operation of cross-border education exchanges, more than more than and 300 people in the future, Luo Bin said, they will gradually expand the global entrepreneurship program includes practice base, China college students’ Entrepreneurship poverty alleviation plan cross-border container, "Hello world" & Asia Pacific R & D center of the Royal New Zealand Institute of food research, a number of programs and platforms.

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