During the new year and Spring Festival labor shortage reproduction of the express industry cry pite

morning news reporter Peng Xiaoling Li Xinxin

domestic companies seeking part-time phone ringing; the hotel due to manpower shortage on a dish to wait half an hour; because of a shortage of manpower, some courier companies face explosion site…… Morning news reporter yesterday to investigate the courier, housekeeping, food and beverage services after the three industries found that this year’s Spring Festival, although slightly later than in previous years, but before the labor shortage has emerged.

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business volume increased by two or three to reduce the number of salespeople

before the holiday volume increased by more than two or three of the usual, for the courier industry, now began a period of time before the Spring Festival will be double the busiest after the period of eleven. From New Year’s day, it has been a courier employees to return home for the new year, so that the courier industry, labor shortage in the Spring Festival is still a month when the outbreak. It is expected that some large volume of business courier station will appear warehouse explosion.


busiest time facing shortage of manpower

these two days, the courier Xiao Wu is very busy, he told reporters, because some members express within the site have to go home, stay can only work overtime to receive a. Little Wu Yue, for two weeks, and he’s going home for the new year.

The person in charge of a Huangpu District

express site recently in the people hand lack of worry. The person in charge of emergency recruit people to pay more than a few hundred dollars, however, is still a candidate. Reporters from Ganji, 58 city and other information on the website to see, many courier companies posted Jizhao courier information, generally in the 3000-5000 yuan monthly salary.

in Gonghexinlu Zhongtong express outlets manager Mr. Wang said, every year in December to early the next 1 months is the most busy time, "the clerk if early return home for the new year, I have myself out to send items". Mr. Wang said, during the Chinese New Year of temporary workers to send pieces of royalty per unit in the 3-5 yuan, 1-2 yuan higher than usual.


employees adhere to the end prize

some express site, the busiest is this time. A person in charge of the site said: "we mean a day out to express more than 1 thousand single, more than and 400 single also received express." Therefore, many courier sites will be holiday time for the eve of the lunar new year to the fifth day of the new year.

another courier company manager Xu said, in order to allow employees to stay a few days, not only for the employee group purchase return ticket will be issued to adhere to the "one-stop" last several hundred yuan reward employees.

years ago courier labor shortage, but also a direct impact on many of the seller’s business Taobao. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the Taobao online, some sellers remind, short-term delivery speed will slow down, there are many sellers have made it clear that "do not take urgent".