Taobao on behalf of the operating platform for hundreds of people suspected of fraud cheated nearly

Chinese according to voice of "news" reported that recently, there are many listeners to reflect the voice of China, they suspected fraud Taobao generation operation platform of a company called "Tao Le China", cheated the number reached hundreds of people, the amount of nearly one million. It is understood that Taobao these entrepreneurs, just pay a fee, you can enjoy China Amoy music provided by Taobao shop decoration, promotion, brush drill, a series of service supply and customer service, almost no effort, you can "lay money".

hundreds of claiming to be cheated franchisee said, after the payment of money, Amoy Music China attitude on the 180 degree turn. Prior to the contract promised a variety of services, has become a "water moon, in the mirror flower". But even more so that they panic, open Amoy China, Hangzhou network Yao Agel Ecommerce Ltd, has been canceled in March of this year. So, hundreds of franchisees, why do you think they cheated? How the truth of the matter?

as long as pay a fee, you can easily set up shop in Taobao. The shop decoration, shop promotion, hosting services, and provide a source of a customer service work, are responsible for China Amoy music. Such a good thing, certainly can let many people move, including Fujian fan.

fan: last year I was in Fujian over a bus, a person looking for me, I find a girl, said that I joined the Taobao, I said it is not convenient to do, she said you don’t have to do it yourself, you can shop sellers with mobile phone. I thought, is it really that simple?. She told me that there are 3600, 6800 and the cost of the same, the service is not the same as the 9800. This money is to join the fee is a deposit. She said the waiter is to help me keep the shop every day, help me to talk about the price and the customer to help me sell things, then I wait for money on the line. I also pack three crown, to help me decorate the shop, decoration for the first time in three months, as well as providing services, supply.

including Mr. Fan, the so-called "franchisee" across the country, and have their own work, choose to join the original intention, basically is to use leisure time to do a part-time job. However, after paying the money, the attitude of the other party has undergone great changes.

: the victim Ms. Wang is the basic pay fee, after the shop opened, after one or two months, the various departments of the agency, telephone hotlines, and no one answered, when the last 11, December will not contact people. I was the agent of Amoy China last year, the various departments of the company, at the beginning of the deposit to join the past, and then customer service attitude is basically a big change.

victim Lee: when you say that you do not have to worry about everything, the company can help you do everything, what you are, no matter what you do not open the computer, the company will give you the store. Later, after the actual join, they are nothing. I asked the investment manager, said: how do you do not help those departments do these. He.

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