How to do not reduce the wine inventory How to set up a single product inventory management

inventory management is the key to the success of the retail data, but also the daily management in the focus of the problem, can be said that the level of inventory management directly related to enterprise cash flow, and holds the lifeblood of


for the majority of the catering industry, beverage consumption is the largest customer in the store, especially hot summer, coupled with the world cup, wine sales are very high. In Changsha Hexi three years of food and beverage store owner Lee said that the summer is the wine season, coupled with the world cup, the store sales of beer surged more than 50%.

Tengyun catering management software, catering management system software is a powerful, for various types of restaurants, restaurant building. Has a strong restaurant inventory management and statistical functions, including a variety of inventory receipts and detailed records, can reflect the real-time inventory status, so that the owner of the store turnover at a glance. But also can automatically print the date of the data turnover, inventory status, etc..


drinks, how to automatically deduct beverage inventory? Tengyun catering management software product inventory management should be how to set? There are many use vasibo electric software friend mentioned, have drinks do not buckle inventory reduction steps are as follows:


1, open the software operation interface, select "inventory management" – "warehouse information", will pop up the warehouse data dialog box, fill in the warehouse information:


2, based on "data" and "Settings" – and small class ", select the corresponding food category, choose to participate in inventory management, specify the corresponding warehouse can be completed.


as a whole, the operation of the single product inventory management is very simple, inventory management is an important part of the daily operation and management. The establishment of a sound inventory management system, not only conducive to the timely management of food and beverage inventory managers, but also facilitate the consumption of a number of drinks in a certain period of time, very convenient.

if you still do not quite understand, you can contact the good software official website ( online customer service, or direct online consulting technology QQ, remote assistance to explain. Thank you very much for your support!

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