Without fear of the industry reshuffle a hundred responses to a single call to turn the crisis to bo

global financial crisis in 2008, affected by the macroeconomic downturn, the domestic e-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises in the winter are "frozen" at the end of last year, there are many e-commerce companies to stop operations, including once received venture capital international business net, Tootoo at the end of 2008 officially put into commercial operation since the operation efficiency has been poor NINETOWNS, was forced to close all of its services and related support services. Analysis of the industry, this is just a prelude to e-commerce business reshuffle, in view of the global economic crisis test, e-commerce sites or will usher in a new round of integration.


IT consulting firm iResearch on March 23rd issued a "Chinese commercial search Research Report", pointed out that the vertical search application in the commercial field, can give the search information sorting of guidance, in order to meet the actual needs of the search. Therefore, the vertical search business can provide all the relevant information on the business sector of the business community, changing the use of general search for SMEs can only find a single, partial life information. Although the total flow rate is less than the vertical search business integrated search engine, but the flow of gold flow, the user is the "starting point" business people with the convenience level, cash flow value, potential should not be underestimated.

(www.youboy.com) a hundred responses to a single call is the first to focus the B2B commercial search engine research and development of the professional manufacturers. Both in terms of technology or services are among the leading position in the peer. In the face of the industry reshuffle of the environment, channel development and marketing still maintain a high growth of impressive posture. According to the latest iResearch 2009 China commercial search industry development report data show that in 2008, revenue exceeded 120 million a hundred responses to a single call channel market, the rapid growth of 100% monthly sales amount. More than and 300 agents composed of powerful agents sales network all over the country two, three city market. 2009 is expected to reach 360 million yuan market sales performance.

a hundred responses to a single call of a responsible person said on condition of anonymity, "crisis" and "opportunity". The final result is the industry reshuffle will lay the leading position of outstanding enterprises, is not afraid of a hundred responses to a single call as a booster, the development of the company. The responsible person also revealed the news that is preparing a hundred responses to a single call for a large-scale platform upgrade strategy, committed to opening the world’s leading small and medium-sized enterprise product sales procurement, supply and demand information navigation platform for the new channel, after the upgrade of the platform will be defined as "professional navigation products a hundred responses to a single call". Continue to lead the industry, the development of e-commerce in the future indicate a new channel.

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