Wang Shutong dare to challenge Alibaba is no longer representative of all

good will have reason.

from the beginning of 2007, ChinaVenture Investment Group will launch "CVAwards year the most potential enterprise 100" list at the end of each year are. This is a recognition for those who work hard for one year, for those VC/PE institutions in the ocean of investment opportunities in the project, it is a guide.

we will be on this list, based on a direct dialogue with the leaders of the company on the list, and try to explore the path through which they stand out. Today, we have introduced to you, is the founder of the Dunhuang network and CEO Wang Shutong dialogue.

this is a "made in China" to the overseas platform, which is a combination of emerging e-commerce and traditional international trade emerging model. The company to professional and effective information flow, safe and reliable flow of funds, fast and convenient logistics and other services, opened a new chapter in China’s international trade.

2010 CVAwards the most potential enterprise 100, 2007-09, revenue CAGR of 167% in, Dunhuang.

she was the Tsinghua University software development and research center of the teachers; in any Microsoft service marketing manager and business development manager, she is the youngest Microsoft Chinese executives; Ren market sales department director at CISCO -T, as the only female executives, she manages "CISCO Asia best team"; in when CEO, she became the leading Chinese largest online video store; in 2004, she founded the electronic commerce website of Dunhuang network.

from professional managers to entrepreneurs, Wang Shutong feel a lot. Du Jiabin has commented on this once in Microsoft, CISCO will follow his old subordinates: "Shu Tong the little girl is very strong, perseverance."

indeed, in the early days of the Dunhuang network, the difficulties encountered by many people can not imagine. She experienced layoffs, low – or even sell cheap run out of ammunition and food supplies to their car wages to employees. In Wang Shutong’s words, in Microsoft, CISCO, she may not be the most successful and hard-working people, but it is absolutely the most persistent, especially for career. It is because of this tenacious, indomitable spirit, Dunhuang ushered in the spring under his leadership.

2006, KPCB and JAFCO Asia to Dunhuang to throw an olive branch, the investment is particularly important at this point, on the Dunhuang net, Dunhuang net sales all the way. 2007 a month to complete the full year turnover in 2006. Before this year, from Europe Atlas, collect rich Asia, KPCB again favored in Dunhuang network.

only one year, Dunhuang 2008 international trade volume of nearly 1 billion 400 million yuan. In 2009, Dunhuang net, high growth, to achieve turnover of 2 billion 500 million yuan, a CAGR of 1771%, overseas buyers in over 230 countries and regions more than 2 million 800 thousand.

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