Micro business is good green new media has become the first investment by DG micro operating compa


in July 20, 2015, the country’s top micro Shang operators company of Shenzhen city green Media Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "green new media") won the famous international investment institutions IDG millions of dollars in capital Angel round of investment, the valuation of the company has billions of dollars. Green new media also became the first domestic international venture capital micro operating company of the Shang dynasty. It is reported that the new media are beginning in March 2015 of a brand operation trader, only 3 months of sales has billions of dollars.

green new media was founded in 2014 November, the company founder is a senior new media planning, the domestic first-line derivative trader mulberry xixi. It is reported that nearly 90, graduated from Jinan University director professional, has been engaged in Internet marketing related work. The new media are the main business: new media planning, the micro operation, its easy to broadcast live online training platform focused on the community, will also be launched on August. Round of financing is mainly used to build micro business platform, the introduction of talent, etc..

IDG capital, venture capital investment in China in 1992, is one of the first international investment institutions to enter china. IDG capital investment case: Tencent, Baidu, Sohu, Ctrip, millet, etc..

According to the latest

micro micro business related data report: micro business practitioners have tens of millions, the first quarter of derivative transactions exceeded 100 billion mark. It is reported that already enter the micro business of traditional brand proya, DANZ, 100 birds gazelle, full Ting, Softto, Han beam, white, a huge third party operation market. But the micro business industry to a certain extent exist at all levels of the stockpile, lack of supervision and other issues in urgent need of the third party, the third party service provider micro company specifications, micro Shang operators company came into being in the context of this era.

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