Dai Renguang Taobao station outside the huge market demand for marketing

who did not think, today Taobao can play to the extent of numerous low sensitive electronic network operators rely on Taobao to build up the family fortunes which is quite remarkable,. Taobao big sellers of party a must be discussed is how to wash out, Taobao is a relatively closed environment, past sellers rarely come into contact with the external network environment, of course, the external service provider is also almost inaccessible, even unable to pay attention to the rise of Taobao business groups. This pattern has been to the emergence of Ali mother, that is, the emergence of Taobao alliance, was broken. Taobao customers quickly activated Taobao station outside the marketing of this fresh market.

what is the Amoy? What is the big Taobao?

before we understand the Tao, Taobao is the seller out of Taobao, set up their own B2C sites selling products, but the fact that this doesn’t work, but also to let everyone know that Taobao is not built in a day, Taobao’s powerful place not only in its own powerful user traffic, more important is to build up the credit system. So a lot of sellers try out the Amoy, and even Taobao has launched a lot of Amoy products, Amoy Amoy outside of the class, but still not successful.


propose a strategy called Taobao, so I think I can understand, that is to say, now let the seller Amoy so difficult, then don’t go out, Taobao can become infinite. So this is the most terrible place Taobao, you may not necessarily go to Taobao, but Taobao is everywhere. So the real Amoy, not to let the seller out of Taobao, but let the endless flow of stations into Taobao. So for the big sellers, want to do more, we must fight outside the station of marketing resources, here I quote AFU God carved in micro-blog’s words "just signed nearly a million Sina home at the end of Banner, full flow. Advertising copy written in Taobao, landing in Taobao. Some people wonder why we give Taobao traffic flow, nonsense, conversion rate can be three times, of course, the choice of Taobao mall landing. Estee Lauder to play so many ads, is not settled in large shopping malls open counters, did not smoke crazy to run their own shopping center……" I quite agree with this view.

who is the main force of Taobao station outside marketing

should be said that I can give these people divided into several categories, Taobao big sellers (crown credibility over the C shop seller and seller Taobao mall) and Taobao (small sellers did not reach the crown credibility C shop seller) and outside the station group (Taobao, orange collar webmaster), these groups are different for station marketing demand, the protagonist should be Taobao big sellers and orange collar group, I always think that most customers are playing Taobao outside the station, but finally found, this is not the case, a lot of people in the play, especially a lot of Taobao store, Taobao store promotion personnel, all kinds of people in the study of Taobao customers, which is Taobao station marketing, I think this is Taobao long closed, suddenly after the opening of the hungry. They study Taobao customers, some purely interest, some earn extra money.

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