How to attract the weariness of grass root of online education


said in a formal discussion before the title of the view, I would like to introduce the concept of two elite, Curve Wrecker and weariness of grass root.

school tyrants elite is such a group of people: they do not blame the environment, can withstand the boring theory, a strong patience to tap knowledge, they can easily learn the nutrients they need. They can use their strong learning ability to discover and learn what they need.

tired of grass root is a group of people: they hate theory, demanding environment, lack of patience, it is easy to give up. Even if you tell him that he can’t find a job and can’t go to college, they don’t have the patience to get bored.

In fact,

in our online learning test data show that in the real world of the Internet, only less than 3% of the elite learning will be willing to accept the so-called fragmentation of learning, and other learning grass root does not accept the fragmentation of learning, even if the use of the people, will try 1-5 times to choose to give up.

This leads to

when we put the traditional offline education things to the line, when we think everyone needs education, will face a huge problem: our target group is not only those few people in the elite Curve Wrecker, must include those before we do not care about the weariness of grass root.

existing traditional educational products are basically learning tyrants elite thinking, they locked all the desire to become a group of tyrants, and to meet them. While online education in the future, they must consider that meet up to more than 90% of the weariness of grass root needs.

on the Internet to meet the weariness of grass root learning habits, online education in the future must reference the American psychologist Heath Zandt Mihai proposed the "flow" concept. "Flow" refers to the high degree of excitement and fullness that is fully focused on a certain activity, which is often seen in games such as golf and warcraft.

so in education on the Internet, involved in triggering learners through interest and concerns in the future we must attract the way, we need to design interesting tasks and feedback system, give them a surprise and reward, and finally to the learner will be able to quickly use interactive and social knowledge. Only in this way can the participation of a large number of weariness grass root, the only way is the future of online education.

is an online education product to spread to the mass market, meet the needs of a large number of weariness grass root words, must consider induction of participation, goal setting, feedback the three point test.

induced involvement in

each of us actually know the importance of learning, but when knowledge is a simple logic pulled out, the whole process of imparting knowledge become too boring, but in this case, it is difficult to be absorbed in a learning state in investment.

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