Heavy pound Shen Tong announced the depth of the layout of rural logistics into the cold chain

15 evening, Shen Tong announced and the county agricultural electricity supplier service provider security kitchen reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides will expand the depth of cooperation in the aspects of network construction, the county rural logistics service, the warehouse with the service and safety of agricultural products into the community. This should be the first action after the listing by the end of 2016 STO bell in shenzhen.


it is understood that the cooperation with the kitchen on the first line to start the flow of traffic. After the bilateral cooperation, Shanghai will become a new traffic entrance security kitchen store, use Shentong network traffic with an considerable kitchen business platform effectively activate the rural market, give full play to the "Internet plus", opened a "new world" for the sale of agricultural products door. ,

Shen today announced the listing announcement also made it clear that the two sides will carry out cold chain logistics services, give full play to their respective areas of expertise in the field of cooperation in the formation of cold chain logistics company.

October 2016, STO officially launched the cold chain project, from the Shanghai area began trial operation, the accumulation of experience, gradually expand to the surrounding city and region, then in the country to promote the focus of the city, and gradually build a national cold chain service network. The Act provides a strong guarantee of fresh agricultural products transportation channel.

according to public information, the kitchen is an agricultural products online mall, belonging to the Hangzhou kitchen Agel Ecommerce Ltd was established in August 2013 in Zhejiang, Tonglu, is a natural fresh high-quality agricultural products as the main product, "business platform + base + Distribution Center (cooperatives and farmers)" of fresh agricultural products in the whole industry chain of modern the new agricultural e-commerce operating company.

According to the official website of

, an implementation of the C2B based kitchen is to: Online pre-sale (purchased in advance) to arrange the order (Organization), on-demand production (reduce risk, arrange the shipment (unmarketable) delivery day). This on-demand production sales model, said high demands on the supply chain or logistics, one must have enough intensity and depth of the network, the two is for the logistics supply must have the response speed is fast enough, for the special goods also have higher demands on the preservation.

With the development of

in recent years, fresh electricity supplier electricity supplier penetration has been less than 1% from the initial, to today’s 2-3%, the annual transaction size of over 50 billion, is expected in the next 5 years can easily break billion scale. Who want to seize the opportunity in this piece of blue ocean fresh.

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