Taobao mall to test the waters of the pharmaceutical industry the pharmaceutical Museum on the line

DoNews news in June 20th after a Taobao three, its B2C platform Taobao mall announced the test of the pharmaceutical industry, Taobao mall Medical Library ( on the same line. Shanghai Meida pharmacy, Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy, Hangzhou Jiuzhou pharmacy, Jiangxi happy people of Yunnan Baiyao pharmacy and pharmacy and other 5 pharmaceutical companies as the first partner in Taobao mall collective.

it is understood that the cooperation of Taobao mall pharmaceutical stores are all made by the State Food and Drug Administration online retail drug qualifications, to ensure the provision of drug safety. Taobao mall Medical Museum to display the types of goods, including non prescription drugs (OTC), health products, medical equipment, household items, and prescription drugs are not allowed to sell.

according to Taobao mall stakeholders, the current display of a variety of medical and health care products are close to 10 thousand kinds.

is currently the country access to Internet drug transaction service certificate of the enterprise is only 35, including the first batch of Taobao store stationed in the 5 partners. According to reports, as a platform for drug information release, Taobao mall has also made the State Food and Drug Administration issued the Internet drug information service qualification certificate.

Chinese pharmaceutical business association and chain pharmacies Association released data show that in 2009 the scale of Chinese drug retail market is about 150 billion yuan, the sales network is only about 70 million, retail sales accounted for only 0.046%. In Europe and the United States developed countries, this ratio is usually more than 20%. (end)

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