The face of May Day golden week should be optimistic

‘s philosophy tells us that things have two sides. The holiday is approaching, this year 51 is Born Under A Bad Sign taste, first holiday time has shrunk, and the economic crisis — this year’s golden week 51 what can we bring? We will take what kind of attitude to face


economic collapse response integrity

in the first quarter of 2009 for the world economy is the beginning of a turbulent and disturbed, the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered a large-scale economic recession in the global spread, leading to the global economic downturn. The most direct impact is the United States, even the high unemployment rate throughout; let the Americans are proud of the automobile industry is in the mire of the economic crisis, the government had to intervene, ruling auto giants or apply for bankruptcy or mergers and acquisitions. Have written Chinese world famous textbook American car city – Detroit, also fell in the economic crisis, the glory of the past no longer left people devastated, the unemployment rate in Detroit is 3 times the U.S. average, a direct result of population decline, from the original 1 million 800 thousand people reduced to 800 thousand people.

stimulating domestic demand increased confidence

the U.S. economy has been hit hard by China’s economy but a series of macro-control policies in the country to effectively avoid risks, and there are obvious signs of recovery. In the context of the global economic crisis, only China car city thriving Chinese January car sales ranked first in the world, more than the United States for the first time. 20, the opening of the Shanghai auto show attracted the attention of the world’s auto giants, they participate in the show and the size of the investment than last year too much, which shows the great potential of the Chinese market.

in response to the economic crisis, the state introduced the policy of home appliances to the countryside, aimed at stimulating domestic demand to promote growth. Ministry of Commerce released the first quarter statistics report shows that in the first quarter of this year, the country’s total sales of household appliances to the countryside 2 million 700 thousand units, sales of $4 billion. Since late March retail sales growth significantly, 24.1% growth in furniture construction and decoration materials increased 20.2%; iron prices; oil stabilized; fair news good news, the first day of trading amounted to $5 million. There are signs that China’s economy is gradually out of the trough, began to recover.

from this point of view this year May Day golden week can be optimistic attitude.


leads to loss of morality

appliances to the countryside to stimulate domestic demand also highlights a variety of defects. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce on the regulation of data products of home appliances to the countryside, as of the end of March the country seized substandard and counterfeit appliances 3325 units, the illegal copying of refurbished goods mostly.

recent media reports businesses with digital baby fudge consumers. For example, the national standard for color TV contrast is 150:1, is the standard of naked eye recognition, the limit value of the human eye can not be identified, no significance. The manufacturers to seize people’s lack of knowledge, like the psychological comparison, hit 300:1 or 200:1 >

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