UNQLO parent company to open global internship plan

February 10th, the parent company of Japan, UNIQLO fast retailing group announced that the group will be officially opened in April 2017 with a global internship program. The project will cover 16 regional markets, including Japan, China, the United States, aimed at promoting the rapid development of the global brand group. In the first year, the group launched a public plan to recruit 100 interns through the project, from April 2017 to start the internship.

currently, the first batch of recruitment has been launched from the Japanese market. Since February 10th, domestic students and international students who are studying in Japan or graduated from Japanese universities within 3 years are eligible to participate. After the written examination, interview and other necessary assessment measures, outstanding candidates will enter the fast selling group IT, supply chain, product development and other departments to expand 1-3 months internship. Excellent interns may also be under the supervision of the Department’s head to enter the fast marketing group full-time work.

according to Japan’s "daily economic news" reported that this type of intern recruitment in Japanese companies rarely start, it is possible to open a new model of recruitment of Japanese companies.

, according to the notice issued by the fast selling group, the other 15 market internship recruitment program will be announced, the details will be published on the group career information page.

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