A loyal why small and medium enterprises to stay good network promoters

in a push Moderator Group, talk about a promotion problem inadvertently, our moderator Guangyu, after helping a online shopping promotion, the boss did not see the effect to buckle a month’s wages. But after A Zhong observed after it was found, the mall traffic now, mostly from the pan out the effect of promotion.

so, for this situation, why the boss will think this way? Here, ah Chung had to talk about why the small and medium enterprises are difficult to stay good network promoters, the problem!

it is well known that when a web site has traffic, then the next step is to look at the quality of service on the site, the site’s product quality and customer service staff to track customer capacity. Foshan Jia Zhuang network, for example, the site just online early, we mainly do the content of the site, the first thing to do after. Then targeted promotion, so the site on the line since a month, although the effective IP per day is only more than and 30, but the registered enterprise members reached more than and 70, individual members reached more than 40. This is the website of the website and the quality of service to allow customers to agree in the first time, increase the amount of traffic is transformed into decision makers should consider site management.

at the same time, the network promotion does not like the real name to promote the effect of fast, network promotion is due to a long-term process. Often short time it is difficult to see a better effect. This makes a lot of small and medium enterprises to promote this skeptical attitude of the network. So on the network promoters have a new view that these people are going to the Internet every day forum, chat QQ and do nothing.

the last one is the question of wages, a good network promotion staff, the general wage is not low. But a loyal to see the recruitment of talent in the talent market to the network promoters given salary is 1000~1500 yuan / month, while also proficient in a variety of network language. Imagine, in order to indicate the conditions of recruitment requirements, this salary may be just attract eyeball.

to sum up, corporate decision-makers vision, the level of wages is the key to retain outstanding network promoters. A visionary decision makers, is unable to see the great potential of the development of the network!


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