Network sales is the first performance or first friend

said, is to do business contacts, especially in Chinese this special humane country, this one is particularly prominent, it will remember to choose a major in college, I want to choose the marketing results, uncle a word to dispel the idea of me and he said, what marketing, you sell for a long time in front of the boss is also not worth a call to the boss. His words implied the strongest message is to do sales is to do contacts, relationships.

now I’m serious disagree, because these words, almost killing me, I do specialized sales of hot rolled plate in a steel enterprise, specializing in network marketing, the boss spent a lot of money in the online China steel spot opened membership, to take care of me. Remember when the boss said, Meng Meng ah, remember, do sales is to do contacts, you do not rush out a single, will build up the connections. Adhering to the instructions of the boss, I rely on China’s iron and steel network of huge popularity of positive activities in its online exchange of various corners.


for about three months, no single, a lot of friends, businesses, also have a terminal, usually online chat, chat market, analysis of market trends, everyone is called brother sister ah ah, is not seen a performance. When dealing with these friends, basically responses are obtained, dude, we have exactly the same, I am also very optimistic about your goods, but the boss did not number I have no way. Or some other reason, in a word, we are friends, but we can’t do it.

sometimes the tone is not sincere, let you completely believe that he did not do you feel sorry for a single friend. Sincere so that you can not help but to comfort each other, so, in this way, I am in the network marketing this way, harvest a lot of friends, but lost performance.

The performance of

and friends, what should I choice15? When someone told me that the performance is king, people take the relationship that is pulse heresy! Mr. Italy after friends than to friends after the business cost more. I do not want to sell the material or direction is really wrong, who can help me analyze the next


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