Jingdong lookers surrounded by enemies vertical to comprehensive road

with the expansion of the total class of Jingdong products, originally started by 3C electricity supplier Jingdong mall increasingly integrated. Huge amounts of money into the mall Jingdong rely on capital market, rich began expansion into different areas of business, Jingdong in the product category expansion at the same time, the Jingdong’s competitors are more and more, care Jingdong have gradually become the target of the electricity industry. Jingdong to the electricity supplier industry to wake up, do the vertical electricity supplier is just a firm foothold in the early strategy, once the scale of their own expansion, product categories will continue to expand, and ultimately toward the road of integrated electricity supplier. (text / Wang Liyang)

Jingdong is surrounded by enemies enemy of my enemy is my friend

Jingdong mall from the original vertical electricity supplier in the field of 3C into the online book consumer market challenges Dangdang, then gradually open the road to the general department store electricity supplier. With the development of luxury electricity supplier market, Jingdong began to expand the offensive to luxury electricity supplier. Jingdong recently announced a high-profile cooperation with elong Mango Hotel booking, online travel and other fields. Jingdong step by step expansion but also to bring their own more and more competitors.

Dangdang is an old rival Jingdong, Jingdong and Suning, Gome has a direct competitive relationship. The recent news that the United States Jingdong jointly challenge Dangdang mall, Suning Tesco also said that this year will expand in department stores, books, hotel and ticket booking and other fields, and strive to this year sales growth of 4~5 times. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, when the main products are books, while the United States the main products are electrical appliances, Gome and Dangdang combination has the effect of mutual supplement and support each other, and they work together to deal with their biggest enemy Jingdong mall, which will give the Jingdong to bring no small pressure mall. Similarly, suning.com last year’s electricity supplier B2C third, this year’s goal will be to catch up with Tesco mall in front of his Jingdong. Remove Dangdang, Suning, Gome these can pose a great threat to the Jingdong’s business tycoon, there are many vertical electricity supplier in the waiting to ambush the aggression of Jingdong look at fiercely as a tiger does.

Jingdong to rely on its own strong scale, continuous invasions to other segments of the electricity supplier in the field, many luxury already hostile to the Jingdong and the Jingdong store, but rely on their own advantages of scale constantly eroding the luxury market. At present, the other in the winter in the luxury business self stage, unable to go to battle with the Jingdong, but they are not easily let go of the invasion of the enemy, waiting for an opportunity to attack in one fell swoop Jingdong is the best choice for them.

where to go online, such as the rise of emerging online travel electricity supplier in 2011, the original online travel industry heavyweights Ctrip and elong has gradually felt the crisis. But at the beginning of 2012, the Jingdong to mall spoiler, which makes the online travel market more confusion, because the mall Jingdong continues to expand, making the whole industry smoke, 2012 is the entire electricity supplier industry reshuffle year. Surrounded by enemies could Jingdong win or not in this fragmented electricity supplier dispute, at present.

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