Logistics bottleneck fresh electricity supplier where to go

now online shopping army is growing, clothing, daily necessities, fruits and other commodities can be purchased directly in Taobao. But not every online shopping are very happy, such as: Taobao bought a few pounds of apple, the results of the receipt of the goods after the discovery that many of them have been broken. Blossom everywhere fresh business platform now, not only Jingdong, such as Taobao business tycoon, and some vegetables, vegetables, and fruit home net net fresh business platform. However, fresh electricity supplier has been criticized the consumer, the main logistics is suck, lead to buy fresh products is not new, even exist decay phenomenon.

fresh from the general merchandise, pay attention to fresh and timely, because like fruits, vegetables and other goods. Shelf life is very short, usually 3-5 days, many fresh products and even only one or two days shelf life. The current Taobao, Tmall’s express delivery services are normal 3-5 days, plus some special circumstances, may be sent to the hands of consumers need to spend more time. So many fresh products will appear different degrees of deterioration, so Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong fresh product sales are not good. Therefore, logistics is the key to the success of fresh electricity supplier.

Jingdong has its own logistics facilities, so the efficiency of Jingdong express is relatively high, if the purchase of goods in the store Jingdong, then the general 1-2 days can be door-to-door. While Taobao, Tmall express company is very complex, like STO, SF express, Yuantong express, in addition to many small courier company. Electronic business platform to build their own express facilities need to invest large sums of money, fresh electricity providers to improve the efficiency of the courier, it will increase the cost of logistics. The electronic business platform, is really a difficult problem, so fresh business platform has been unable to solve the problem.

consumers want to buy fruit, vegetables and other fresh products on the electronic business platform, it can only choose highly efficient courier company, the use of non general delivery. This will inevitably increase the cost of logistics, of course, ultimately have to pay the user. Wool will in the long run, would have been five dollars can buy a pound of apples, if the purchase of fresh electricity supplier in the website, you need to spend more than ten dollars or tens of dollars. In this case, consumers are willing to buy fresh products online, it is better to go directly to the supermarket to buy more cost-effective.

logistics links to become a fatal short board of fresh electricity supplier, how to reduce logistics costs, fresh electricity providers may try O2O model. That is, with the supermarket under the line, in fact, this time the supermarket is equivalent to the warehouse, each city has a lot of large and small supermarkets. Then consumers online orders, from the nearby supermarket responsible for delivery, sure to charge a fee. But will greatly reduce logistics costs, consumers can also go directly to the supermarket to buy goods, so that both can increase the supermarket sales of goods, but also to ensure the freshness of vegetables, fruits.

electricity supplier to the countryside as well as the cost of logistics is an electronic business platform must consider the issue of distance logistics costs

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