The electricity supplier to make a culture from competition to win



International Conference on "culture: the key to sustainable development" sponsored by UNESCO in Hangzhou, May 15-17. Irina, director general of UNESCO, ·, said at the meeting: "in China, culture is not a luxury, but a source of life, it is the essence of human creation and invention and the driving force of the original."." I am a scholar, a young man with idealism, I think nothing can only be attributed to the culture of eternal life.

I have an appointment with the electricity supplier

I wouldn’t expect to be engaged in the electronic commerce related work in two good negotiation, I came to renwoxing’s 366EC division, I began my business life. In the short time I know who is Ma Yun Li Guoqing, who is old…… Also know the B2B, B2C, C2C, 02O mode, but also know the vertical electricity supplier, platform providers, know the pain of the traditional enterprise electric shock, know the electricity supplier mobile terminal, micro marketing, etc…….

I am glad to enter this industry, I do not even know who ma is now looking at him, golden basin wash hands and then do not look back at the electricity supplier, I can not help but want to write something. Creative shopping online shopping, a lot of people to subvert the consumption psychology and behavior, the past more than and 10 years, electricity traders experienced a deserted house to the bustling sorrow and happy turning. With Ma, Shi Yuzhu and other first generation Internet gangster retreat, electric way forward, let me think a lot.

mysterious electricity supplier market

China’s electricity market is in the period of youth? The Internet is a replacement for three meals a day as usual, change for more than and 10 years, it is still young, not all feel feel shy? Can see more and more people go, more and more people in electronic commerce the territory seems to be in addition to Ali, Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon and several other giants, never stability at all participants. I was in the 366EC, to contact many business news information every day, the rate of change in this field of non ordinary people can imagine, the competition can make an enterprise collapse at any time, make a person collapse, different from the traditional business team mode, participation in the electricity supplier arena is on top of the outstanding figures alone.

business is a seductive place, is the starting point of every entrepreneurial dream of people first, it is full of mystery, how can it ideal into reality, how to return to the earth from the sky, I think, only culture can achieve all of this. The electricity supplier to make a kind of culture, is the way out, is the name of the lift, and this requires the joint efforts of all electricity providers. If one day, the electricity supplier’s rules of the game to become the actual terms, the electricity supplier has a detailed classification of the operating mode simulation, electricity providers have a reasonable threshold, the electricity supplier has a clear history of age…… I think no matter

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