Takeaway platform burn Wars free delivery for the tourists to also offer

just minus 8 yuan, full 20 yuan up by 10 yuan, free delivery, free drink…… Recently, takeaway website price war between a lot of bad music like a raging fire, Indoorsman Indoorswoman. However, online takeaway a hot behind, delivery time is too long, the quality of food and other issues are also increasingly prominent. Industry experts pointed out that the price war can gather in a short period of popularity, but the core competitiveness or speed, takeaway service and products. Otherwise, once the concessions, by training the customer may hit heavily but in the wedding dress for others.

takeaway offer stunned consumers

usually go to the restaurant to eat lunch, because something temporary called takeout, I did not expect to eat in the store to save a few dollars. Yan Yan, a company in Chaoyangmen, a company with the Beijing Business Daily reporter talked about the recent discovery of new things.

"this house is located on the ground floor next to the office, my colleagues and I often go there to eat at noon. Last Wednesday, because I did not finish the work at hand, I readily took a takeaway site to set up a 28 yuan package. Unexpectedly, not only minus 8 yuan free delivery charge, than you go to the store to eat." Ms. Yan said, such a large discount, I and my colleagues were shocked. Now, we are no longer go out to eat lunch, instead of by ordering takeaway website, not for all think off."

The takeaway ordering website

Ms. Yan is Baidu in April this year, the rise of new takeaway. Now, as long as the Baidu search page to enter the takeaway two words, the first to jump out of the only minus $8, but also free to send money, Baidu takeaway advertising. Through the site point takeaway, each person can enjoy two times a day minus $8 discount.

another takeaway site is hungry, but also an endless stream of promotions. Following the August this year in the Shanghai Office of interactive advertising screen out 200 thousand copies of free lunch after pocketed the eye, like a full 20 yuan minus 10 yuan, 10 yuan full control "and" free release drink "regular promotion also attract a lot of consumers.

lives in Shifoying District Miss Sun told the Beijing Daily reporter, she ordered a nearby Guilin Rice noodles shop takeaway by hungry website, a Guilin, a Marinated Egg Rice noodles, a vegetable, a total of 20 yuan in order to enjoy the minus 10 yuan, there is no delivery fee, 10 yuan for the to solve lunch, do, than you. The young man told her little room, some meals can enjoy free delivery 3 bottles of beverage concessions. "Such a big discount efforts, I am worried that the store will lose money." Miss sun said.

old takeaway site will be given to the new users to give a single food stand by 10 yuan discount. In addition, the home will also recently launched a delicacy for the first time in VIP cards, six cards, season cards, consumers only need to spend 99 yuan, you can enjoy 365 days a year of unlimited free delivery discount.

for the tourists only burn Wars

now the restaurant’s profit has been very thin, and certainly can not give such a big discount. Let >

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