Alipay wallet announced the opening of 12306 public service


Alipay wallet announced the opening of 12306 public service number

[TechWeb] reported on December 16th news, Alipay today announced the opening of Alipay wallet 12306 public service number, will provide ticket inquiries, information announcement, ticket tips and transaction management services for the mobile 12306 railway passengers.

it is understood that the "Alipay 12306 public service provides ticket inquiries, ticket tips and information bulletin, transaction management and other four categories of service. Through the "ticket query service, passengers can according to the schedule, the date, the vehicle condition they need to find the train information, each seat corresponding to the price, if there are tickets and other information at a glance.

in the "information bulletin" service, passengers can view the railway official the latest announcement and Alipay refund; you can click on the "ticket tips" menu, understand the purchase ticket refund process, FAQ, and related information such as railway ticket rules. All Alipay buy 12306 train tickets, passengers can be found in the details of the transaction details of the transaction service.

recently, the 12306 railway website officially reached a cooperation with Alipay, Alipay launched a payment to buy train tickets, then the official launch of 12306 mobile phone client – "12306 railway ticket", now in the mobile phone end users have been able to complete the query, booking, payment, refund and other functions change.

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