Taobao cosmetics name research aim and research method

research objectives and research methods

(I) research objectives

network name cosmetics to network language is a kind of practical application platform, and is associated with social, psychological and cultural content, has important application value for study. Based on the research of the network name of the cosmetics store, the network name cosmetics shop is divided into name, genus name, name and common industry, respectively, their pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and rhetoric characteristics analysis and research, to explore the characteristics of the phenomenon, language rules and development trend in the network name cosmetics shop thus, a certain reference value for research on applied linguistics, society, culture and consumption etc.. At the same time, through the research, this article will discuss the application of network in the cosmetics store name language, summed up the need to comply with the principle of complete and perfect the rules of language norms, in order to improve the people in the use of language level.

Research methods of


1 statistical method

of Taobao cosmetics online store name to collect statistics, and the causes of chat tools survey cosmetics store name, its structure is analyzed on the basis of this, in the form of a table to show the results of the survey, visualization.

2 classification and interpretation

classifies and interprets the collected materials, reveals the rules and trends of naming, and tries to be objective, full, comprehensive and in-depth.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of


according to the information content, network name clothing reflects the chart, using the method of quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis were used for statistical analysis of the data. The establishment of corpus, the name of many factors investigated clothing language feature and the name reflects the language, social culture, consumer psychology etc..

4 language analysis method

Language features of

network clothing shop name is one of its essential characteristics, so from phonetics, lexicology, grammar and rhetoric angle to carry on the analysis of the phenomenon of language.

corpus collection

Taobao shop according to the business model is divided into two types of Taobao and Taobao mall. "Taobao is based on C2C (Consumer toConsumer, the consumer e-commerce business model, C2C) is a kind of individual retail properties, is according to the needs of the individual to choose merchandise or type, has a certain autonomy and freedom. Taobao mall is a B2C after derived (Business-to-Consumer, retail) business model, B2C is a kind of commercial retail, like general mall entities, each store is an agent of a brand or a brand business."

so Taobao mall stores are well-known brands of direct >

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