The SF O2O began national distribution for the last mile

not only electricity supplier so simple 4000 hey can provide sales, courier, maintenance and other integrated services.

– IT Times reporter Zhang Yuwei

into the countryside to open a shop, down the urban freight, the line of 518 hey off while opening…… In the courier industry, has always been low-key and pragmatic SF suddenly become a high-profile, behind must have happened.

quietly O2O pawn

"4000 hey off stores during the year, increasing the size of the warehousing and logistics building, it is absolutely impossible SF simple trial and error." In the view of new electricity supplier observers Duan Zhanjiang, this is SF’s next president Wang Wei a big chess, but it is not to be optimistic about the industry of SF "Hey", perhaps not so simple.

in May 18th, and launched 518 SF "Hey" community service shop in the country, of which there are 5 in Shanghai, Jiading, Songjiang, located respectively in Qingpu and Yangpu. Its main business is the next line experience, so the store is no inventory, a light operation convenience stores, all goods from the online orders, express home. At present, the store merchandise is not limited to SF preferred fresh, but also open to other electronic business platform. According to the SF introduced its line store’s advantage lies in its own "express", "the store does not have goods, users can network application experience, we are responsible for delivery to the store, try and buy or try not to buy, can." Some professionals believe that this model can meet those who have e-commerce shopping needs but will not use the network user groups, and according to statistics, this part of the market accounted for 60% of the line.

not long ago, by the media speculation in the SF express raise a Babel of criticism of costs down, now it seems that more is done in the development of the line of business. In addition to e-commerce, "another important function of hey off is pick up mail from SF express sent the battle river segment analysis, which is the organic integration of marketing and SF express business," created business since sent once implemented, human cost reduction, reduced courier nature, promote good luck to seize the low-end market however, the flow of people into the store once the rise of e-commerce but also for its drainage, forming a virtuous cycle of organic." But to achieve all of this foundation is to maintain and improve density of outlets under the line, "the only truly 15 minute walk District, in order to mobilize people from mentioning pickup wishes." In this regard, SF sources, this year Shanghai will expand hey inn is close to 300, while the national figure in 4000.

and light convenience store hey off match, SF still laying the line mass storage. Unlike rivals "four up", SF previous emphasis on business services Express, air express emphasize its unique characteristics, so basically by hiring short-term transition to a transit warehouse. But recently, SF began quietly to build large-scale storage in the country, of which only the Shanghai area, will be the development of 60 thousand square meters warehouse.

"a series of actions can be seen from the SF, SF want to enter the O>

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